1. Bunch of lames missing out on something great because of ignorance. These people are probably old-timers, they still believe all those old black and white films about weed smokers turning into wolves 🤣🤣

  2. This state was already unbearable, and now I just so happen to live in the most unbearable town in the state.
    I swear to god. Either someone's paying these people to be this dumb, or they're really just this dumb.

  3. If Gilbert wants to keep revenue out of their town, that's their loss. It's not hard to drive 5 minutes to mesa, chandler, tempe, or AJ and let those cities collect taxes and create jobs. Let the morons on city council defund their own neighborhoods if they want to feel virtuous. Dry counties in the bible belt haven't resulted in any less drinking, just poorer infrastructure.

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