This is a homemade dairy free yogurt recipe made with probiotic capsules and does not need a yogurt maker. It is a hemp seed …


  1. Hi, I know the description says this recipe doesn't require a yogurt maker but I have a few questions (I'm a noob)
    Question 1), if I don't have probiotics water to add or don't want to put it in will it still ferment with the probiotic capsules at room temp or should I put it in a yogurt maker (keeping it at 108-115 temperature)?
    Question 2.) If not able to do top👆🏼 would I have to heat it up to temperature let cool down then add my probiotics capsules?
    3.) How long can I keep my yogurt fermenting at room temperature before placing it in the fridge?
    4) how long will it be good for in the fridge?

    Just started getting into yogurt making. Other recipes had me do above(different methods), so haven't tried this way yet(don't want to waste hemp seeds either kinda spendy at the moment)😅. Thank you for the time and replies to those who help with an answer!

  2. Fabulous – I would suggest, though, to add the probiotics after the main blending of the hemp seeds and sweetener – the high-speed blades can break the probiotic bacteria and make them to some degree unviable – just do all the blending first, then add the probiotics and give it a brief slow blend just to mix it up –

  3. Oh my gosh have you sent me down multiple rabbit holes today! Just discovered your channel and subscribed!!! I really really appreciate your teaching style! But that cauliflower taco has such an interesting shell I thought maybe the shell was made with cauliflower but I can't find anything that resembles that online! So if you're inspired please give me/us some kind of link!? Oh I'm also wondering what is the health benefit difference between kefir and fermented dairy? Or nut milk? I've been making my own kefir but somehow I killed it after a year I think too many grains and fermented too long in the refrigerator. I tossed it. Thinking about just going with Kiefer water or your fermenting projects. Thank you again!❤

  4. Your videos are absolutely brilliant! You explain everything so clearly and they are straightforward to follow with no nonsense or waffle!. You also make the science behind healthy eating, and especially fermenting, easily accessible to all. I have been making sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha for a while – and now I am inspired to branch out! I am recommending your videos to friends. Thank you- and keep up the excellent work!

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