Sex education in Michigan, MDOT and I-375, public transit

I have low expectations for MDOT, the city and 375

As described in the Nov. 24 article, the many critical reactions to the proposed “solution” to replace I-375 and reconnect downtown with the near-east side of Detroit are valid, and should be responded to by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), Mayor Mike Duggan and the city’s planning director. (“Parts of I-375 replacement in Detroit would be 9 lanes wide — and community is concerned,” Detroit Free Press, Nov. 24.) My expectations are quite low.

MDOT’s expertise is the movement of cars and trucks — not healing old racial wounds of 70 years ago. The proposed super-wide surface-level boulevard may satisfy traffic planners, but it does nothing to resolve two of the most vexing problems facing Detroit: successful responses to its fraught racial history, and its current inability to provide a viable public transit system that allows residents and suburbanites an attractive alternative to the private automobile.

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