1. Congrats on a successful harvest! I have enjoyed watching you this fall. I had a little extra time the other day and went back to watch some videos early in your channel before i subscribed and it is awesome to see how far you have come. Your game has definitely improved over time with YouTube and that is one of the coolest things to see with creators on the platform.

  2. Andy! What are Marty’s thoughts on the 12 row corn head? And I would love to see a sit down with him and yourself talking about the history of y’all’s place. I’m sure a lot of there would too.

  3. Andy, congrats on having a safe harvest. Ears are definitely tipped back that cost you some yield. It is hard to complain about your yields compared to most parts of the country. We always look forward to next year.

  4. Congratulations !!! Now the harvest is over I was wondering if you could give us some statistics? Total weight,number of grain cards loads number of combine dumps, fuel consumption…..

  5. Question….Given your comments on “deep” tillage vs vertical till and your objective to “size” corn stalks…would think chopping heads would only further enhance your objective as the stalks would already have one “cut” before the vertical tillage comes thru…

  6. Trippy, congrats to you and Dole Farms for a successful 23 harvest. Tell the pilot to warm up the jet 🛩️ to take you to your winter destination and we will see you on the next one. 👍

  7. Not rest for the farmer, congrats 🎉🎉🎉 on harvest home! That’s a big celebration back home in Cornwall we drinks scrumpy and wassailing. Basically excuse to drink srumpy (cider but alcoholic) and party the night away! Glad you got through it all and finished this harvest, soon be a Christmas dinner and winter repairs then spring comes too fast! Proper Job and Happy Days! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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