10 MUST TRY Cannabis Strains for 2024!

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  1. Weed today out of these dispensarys sux I remember the bud fro the 70s and early 80s over priced garbage I have grown weed for 30 years fruity pot is rare that's why you clone them today they use chemicals during the curing process for flavors they have crossed the potency out of plants in the 70s before I started growing I read botony of a marijuana plant it shows you how to grow great weed

  2. All combat veterans no mattter the state especially in an election year should grow huge bins of weeds.. its there right.. this will be a nice supreme court cases tryna stop combat veterans from growing they medicines!!

  3. Theres a few I like Jack Herra, girl scout cookies, gorrila glue purple haired indica
    Years ago back in Oregon and Washinton we had this KGB and Skunkbud, dont know the differece because they both hit me the same glue me to the couch with my leg twiching and cant finnish my sentences so good๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. I know of one not to try. Back in 1968 we bought was called a "brick" of marijuana it was compacted weed that was wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. It was more or less a pound and cost $200. Back then they were not big on scales, and you could buy a nickel, a dime or a lid. What they did was to cut down an entire plant an inch from the ground and put the plant in a manually operated devise that would compact it all into a "brick" about the size of a shoe box. When we opened the paper wrapping, we saw the complete plant stalk and all. It was so dry it was a day or two away from being pulverized into dust, the leaves were covered with mud and the only thing it was good for was a door stop. We jokingly called it "Mexican Ditch Weed" and tossed it into the nearest trash can.

  5. I live in Canada, weed is legal in my country try to find one called Narberry 50% THC…. nice fruity flavor and a great high.
    All the different weed youve mentioned, i have been smoking for years….im guessing this is for people in U.S.A

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  7. This is so cool to see, In the early to mid seventies, my step dad, and friends were splicing, and creating different strains. And discovering what topography, soils, and even water was more fitting for different varieties. I take edibles myself for pain management, insomnia, and eye problems. All the options are amazing nowadays, as opposed to the olโ€™ days of just brownies or baked goods. Can these new strains be used in edibles with the taste and aroma coming through or does matter on the process?

  8. Scientifically speaking, terpines are going to indicate the effects better than whether it is Indica or Sativa. Indica typically has a better terpine and CBD profile than Sativa, but that doesn't mean you can't get the same effect from both Indica, and Sativa. Amount of sleep, hydration levels, and adenosine levels all play a part in how the weed feels when you smoke it. The exact same weed smoked as a wake and bake, will have an entirely different effect if smoked after a 12 hour work shift. Every work day, I smoke both before and after work. The same weed is feels 10ร— stronger after working a 12 hour shift.

  9. Are there any chronic pain patients who use it for pain? I am 24/7 in pain, denied medication (except for drugs used with mental health issues) and want something for pain, but won't make me sleepy?

  10. I just tried this stuff called South Beach, itโ€™s really rare and new right now and isnโ€™t really showing up in most places but theyโ€™re nice minty green nugs with thick orange hairs and v e r y crystaly. Itโ€™s a 50/50 hybrid, thc levels vary depending on the grower but man itโ€™s some good shit, amazing all rounder high with a scent and flavour of lavender and rose. Itโ€™s super floral. Very good shit I must say, however itโ€™s lineage is unknown

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