Beginner growers guide how to plant your cannabis seeds after you germinate them.

Had a subscriber ask how to plant your cannabis seeds after germination so here is my method. Looking for genetics definitely …


  1. My son put germinating seeds on a heat pad as the seeds only had an eighth inch tail, I got it off after 10 hours, I put the seeds in my normal germination spot again, will that few hours of heat kill the gerninators?

  2. I prefer germinating my seeds directly inside the soil, it’s natures intended way as well as saving a step of work and not having to deal with the risk of damaging the seedling is yet another plus 😊 Got 5 female photo OG Kush seedlings currently that‘ll go veg week 1 pretty soon ✌️

  3. no dome — I had about an inch and a half roots and didn't know I need to bury the whole thing — now I do. I also noticed you used what a gallon container — that's a good idea. I used solo cups (lol). Next time I'm going to use a gallon size container — thanks for the tip! We grow our own —

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