Cannabis: A Lost History (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR GETTING THIS TO 2 MILLION VIEWS! This documentary explores the longstanding relationship of …


  1. the milk of the sacred cow to the moon and fell asleep and decide to take its leaves and bring its art of consuming bong taking place with mango dango my name is bojangle get that dangle ill brake yo ankels that serves with the hindo zerastrian faith is believed to be the first to make the sacrament of the list of 10000 medicinal plant who would consume bong.

  2. You're not kidding Lost "history", I can't find my "history" anywhere… I've looked everywhere and oh…oh wait what's THisss ? Oh thank god Found MY "HISTORY" !
    Far out man !

  3. sometimes I forget that people STILL think humans used to be monkeys of some sort, even as a kid this was one of the most disgusting and disturbing concepts school tried to shove down our throats, though it's more apparent to me now that it's just an attempt at disproving a god, however it also works to wipe away the idea of godliness within humans, seeing as it boils us down to pure chance, and insists our roots are within animals, which quite literally makes no sense.

  4. Its olive oil which was used for anointment, this is all stupid speculation, Priests bless the oil doing a sacred ordnance, also do you know how many plants produce leaves just the same as cannabis? And how much plants which are extinct now but would of been around in ancient times, do more research and try again.

  5. Great vid with lots of good info. FYI the scripture quote from "1 John 2:27" is actually just John 2:27, as there is only one Gospel of John. Also, in every one of the 7 translations I own the passage you quote refers to the Holy Spirit and not "the oil". That's a bit of a tough sell. Love the history though and will dig further to find out all I can.

  6. I suffer from anxiety, depression, and (used to) chronic migraines. I’m 22 right now, everything started at around 15 years old. I was bedridden, had to literally take 10 pills a day because that’s what the doctors told me. I gave up, quit every med I was taking and kept it a secret. I’d given up on life honestly. My cousin gave me weed, tried it, and all the pain went away. It fucking changed my life. I still suffer a LOT, and am honestly probably addicted to cannabis, but damn it’s gotten way better. It turned my life around. I’m so mad at my government and cultures around the world that devilized it, I maybe wouldn’t be here without it. I can’t widespread this info because my culture still shuns it. It can save so many people from the depths of despair. I’m young so it blows my mind how alcohol is always almost shoved into me as a culture, and when I don’t want alcohol (triggers panic attacks), people are confused as hell. I’m confused as hell with how everything works. Hope anyone who’s suffering knows things can get better. Bit of rant, honestly don’t expect you to read all of this, it was mostly for me. If you did thanks, and hope you have as much fun as you can in this life. Enjoy it please, however you can. Your way is not wrong.

  7. trash ending taking a shot at users who "live in mom's basement" some people struggle in more ways than one, why divide people even more? Says a lot about the creator of this video. 🤡👍

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