CBD Oil – For Anxiety & Depression

In today’s episode I talk about Jacob Hooy CBD oil which I bought from Holland And Barrett Find out how I’m doing after taking it …


  1. I am in the same boat. It’s a horrible thing to struggle with. I tried some CBD about 2 years ago but I was exercising at the same time and did feel better. Wasn’t sure if it was the increased activity or CBD that helped. This past year has been unbearable with depression and anxiety so I’m willing to start again to see if it helps. Any suggestions of brands that everybody liked? Thanks in advance folks

  2. I went from living a happy on going life all my years, wasn't till 2019 I started having severe panic attacks out the blue, and now I've been diagnosed with chronic anxiety. When I think about going out I feel sick, I shake badly, I feel dizzy, I sweat buckets and my heart goes 10x the speed. I'm always in a mindset of "what if" and I absolutely hate it. If I get any form of pain on my body I immediately link it to a heart attack and my first instincts are "im going to die" and even tho I have it under control to a certain extent, it's still taking over my life and I genuinely don't know what to do about it.. cbt didn't help, the meds made me worse and now I'm just stuck in this horrible hole that I can't seem to get out. I'll admit I need help badly but nothing' at all just seems to work and it's making me very afraid.. this interferes with every part of my life man so I'm going to try this cbd oil in hopes that it can help me in some way. I'd kill to feel normal again

  3. I’ve just bought some of this stuff! I got the 2.75ml for my severe anxiety that I struggle with everyday! This is great a review and you’ve helped me out loads to feel comfortable! But I’m worried now I should have got the 5%, shall I start off with this one still and start off slowly??
    Thanks again for the review! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. To anyone considering this and are on certain medications. Please make sure you check for any interactions before use. If you are on certain antidepressants, for instance.

  5. I’m the same mate , with autism anxiety , I tried the oil back in 2019 it was ok but suddenly they put the prices sky high and I had to stop taking it , years later I’m back again and I’m currently trying other plant based things from Holland and Barrett

  6. I personally use the capsules now from JH, to say it saved my life is an understatement. The anxiety is now gone and life mostly is great. When the pain in the head goes, it truly is like winning the lotto. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask me, this could change your life.

  7. What a coincidence I was looking at CBD oil the other day. I have to have dental work done in a few weeks and haven’t been to the dentist since 2004 and I was hoping this would help with the fear. I also get anxious around people and not knowing what to say and generally avoid it if I can. I’m gonna pick up some of this tomorrow and give it a try, it sounds like it may help a lot. What would you recommend the 2.5 or 5%? I’m guessing the 5% to get the job done. Btw that looked more than 3 drops, the dispenser was half full! 🙂

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