1. Praise God🙏. Thank yoy Eva for the powwrful warning message. Its time to tighten our grip with God. Our only safety is our Faithful Covernant keeping God. He is our shelter in our time of need. Psalm 91. God bless

  2. Maybe I missed something 🤔? Since wr know all of this now why people sitting on large savings and not helping people, getting out d city and putting their money in aggressive evangelism now? If you believe all that this woman just articulated so well where are God's true soldiers? Many will hold their heads and bawl because they lingered to long and didn't know the time of their visitation!

  3. Whitney webb is a wealth of information on these things. So is James Corbette of the corbette report. Seeing these things coming for a long time. It is wonderful to see an increase of people in private and public spaces speak to bring awareness. Thank you

  4. The information is accurate, but I wish people would not just literally read out their powerpoint slides. We can read that for ourselves, but we hope you also have something to add other than what is on your slides. Dr. Vine has a lot more to elaborate on even though he has slides.

  5. Good day from Sunny Philippines. Thank you for a very timely msg. As much as we know that there are No Safe place except with Jesus.
    There's a community here that are open for those that are contemplating of off grid it's in the middle of the first with amazing mountain views. Anyone is welcome to develop the place. I'm one of them. Land is all paid.
    God bless.

  6. The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators
    Schoch-Spana, M., Brunson, E., Shearer, M., et al. (2017). The SPARS Pandemic, 2025-2028: A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators.
    This exercise can help risk communicators and emergency health planners alike understand and plan for communication challenges that may arise during an influenza pandemic necessitating the development and dissemination of medical countermeasures. It includes sections on response and recovery and appendices with scenario timelines and dilemmas that can be used in conjunction with the exercise.

  7. Woe unto you lawyers building suppers. Hauling blacks to prison and mental homes. Forcing blacks to commit abortion for their aborted blood to mix with animal cells to birt tubal Cain. Woe unto yo Comraid Vine for more and more woes Jesus pronounce in Matthew 23 before He left you all lost without hope.woe unto you rich men for your day is at hand in James 5:1-6

  8. Im glad everyone is learning CBDC been talking bout it for 2yrs BUY PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER GOD'S MONEY and just a couple of day's ago Trump said if he becomes Potus again he will Block CBDC

  9. I noticed Bolivia’s CBDC status was blank. I visited about a year ago. And there were a couple restaurants where I couldn’t pay with my debit card. They only accepted cash or I had to pay with my phone which had to be connected to a Bolivian bank account.

  10. The WEC plan is you own nothing. Let’s say you currently paying a mortgage on a 4 bedroom house and use only 1 bedroom. I wonder if the government will move in a family to live with you since you have 3 available bedrooms to provide for those who don’t have a house. Just thinking.

  11. CBDCS is indeed a concern for everybody, both Adventist and non-Adventist alike. But the presenter's background in banking and law does not mean she is knowledgeable about ancient Rome. Many Bible scholars say 666 is the numeric form of Nero's name. The letters of the the name Nero in both the Aramaic and Hebrew form adding up to 666.

  12. Thank you very much for opening my understand of what is going to happen soon to our life soon, it help me to understand and stay closer to God, i might not be able to move to the country, our Creator is still reigns in his creation, if the widow and her son plus her family have rnough food from a cup of four and a little oil, reassures us of Creator GOD that we live and worship. God bless, from Sydney Australia

  13. Dear Sis Eva Tompkins you are so incredibly well researched… Thank you the MOtB is just around the corner GOD BLESS the time is so close to end to see our beloved Saviour! 🙏❤🙏

  14. Thank you Eva for being used by God… tokenization of private properties is news to me 😮😢. I have a question: we keep talking about doing country living, what will happen to my 5 hectares country property when tokenization begin? Where will it be safe for a country home? I'm getting confused now 😐 pls help

  15. I hear and understand your statement that" they will take our homes", however there is inspiration that we must sell our homes before they can do so thus beating them in the race. Here is that inspiration.

    It may not be your duty to sell your little homes just now; but go to God for yourselves; the Lord will certainly hear your earnest prayers for wisdom to understand your duty." If there was more seeking God for heavenly wisdom and less seeking wisdom from men, there would be far greater light from heaven, and God would bless the humble seeker. 2TT 330.3

  16. God truly used His wonderful and resourceful people to warn what's going on in this last days events. Praised God for this few courageous and resourceful men and women. Thanks God for your calling.. looking forward to meet you in that heavenly home🙏❤

  17. Eva , i'm SO happy that the Lord called you , and you returned to Him.
    Also, thank you for letting Him use you . The SDA Church is blessed for having you on the right side of the great controversy.

  18. What's the goal here? Is it to outsmart Satan (or Big Brother) so that we can survive the time of trouble (and the possible triggering of the economic collapse) because of our cash in hand? Alarmist Adventist talk about the "global unified ledger" and talking about the impending doom, the faceless "they" who are pulling all the strings is so fringe Y2K and conspiracy mindset. "They" are going to shut down the internet that could lead to what… dancing!? Wading on the Sabbath!? And Globalist forces? Your bible text about not having a spirit of fear isn't ironic at all when you are pressing images like "they are waiting for a crisis for when they can raise the fencing instantly and control all your…. what…. money? Oh no! Is this the gospel of my Church in 2024? I hope not.

  19. Thank you for this message and God bless you. I live in canada. I am considering selling my home and buying land and paying a large credit on my land tax and going off grid and growing my own food. There is some talk of the world governments handing power over to the WHO (world health organization) in May 2024 and I have a thinking things could dramatically change for citizens of the world if that happens.
    Revelation 18:4
    Be well. Be strong. God bless

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