Danny Aarons’ & Angry Ginge’s X-Rated 20 vs 1, Faith Hides Story From Ethan & MORE! FULL POD EP.28

Ethan goes IN on Faith’s nose, Danny Aarons proves why bullying can work & the pair return from Ethan’s work trip in Dubai!


  1. OMG FAITH I HAVE THE EXACT SAME ANXIETY with health and dindnt know wheat it was called and have just figured out from this podcast that its called medical anxiety, do you have any tips on how its managed cause mine is really severe

  2. U guys really didn’t clock onto the months thing😂they meant if you visualise all 12 months written out in your head, do they look like a vertical list or horizontal, or written 4×3 like a calendar

  3. snowflake culture is actually tapped, people just need to get a grip, mind their own business and get on with it.. new generation are going to absolutely crumble with how much they complain about constantly

  4. Not usually one for commenting on things like this but I’m genuinely happy to see how happy both Ethan and faith look.

    This isn’t common in famous couples and I hope it lasts as they both deserve it🫡💙

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