Does Topical CBD Really Work for Pain?

Does topical CBD work for pain? Explore the truth behind CBD and pain management with Dr. Jeff Peng in this enlightening video …


  1. The small amount of THC can trigger a positive drug test. If you also take restricted medication like pain killers, sleep medicine and have to have a urine test, be sure to stop the CDB 30 days before the test, so the results are negative.

  2. I watched this video. You spoke of the pain reduction in terms of pain sensations being suppressed. OK. My concen with that approach is: If I am blocking the pain from a site that is arthritic or injured in some way, how do I know when I may be causing more damage to that site by some physical work/exercise that is using it beyond it's present capacity and I can't feel it? Leading to a worse situation later. In my experience pain is not just a penalty. It's also a warning sign. If you are talking about CBD having a healing effect also, then thats an entirely different story. I like your presentation. I have never used CBD, but I'm interested in doing so.

  3. Thank you for addressing some of my concerns with CBD. In doing research on CBD, I could not find a definitive answer on a "standardized dosing" amount. I've had many operations for arthritis that have involded fusions in my back and both feet, and both of my knees have been replaced. In addition, I have peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet as a result of a flu vaccine. I had been seen by my Rhumetologist since 2006. However, because I only had osteoarthritis, I was told I could no longer be seen. Long story short, I was taken off of opioid pain medication and put on 800 mgs ibuprofen 3 times a day. I have been trying to find alternatives to help manage my chronic pain. I'm struggling with controlling my pain and am desperate to find something that can help.

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