Getting my outdoor cannabis grow ready and how to set up your outdoor cannabis grow

Showing my outdoor cannabis grow set up and getting ready for springtime growing and how to set up your outdoor cannabis …


  1. Is your dog a good chicken momma like mine?? She wonโ€™t let a single one wander too far during free range. Iโ€™ll let her eat he the flock and tend to my plants and I trust sheโ€™ll keep the rounded up safely!

  2. Awesome video thank you, love the way your enthusiasm for growing outdoors, I cannot imagine any other way. Hoping to find more from you on nutes, pests & weather protection especially. Warm thoughts from rural Victoria, Australia.

  3. Add a lil lime. Ass stuff breaks down lowers ph. Will add mag and cal as well. Start getting g spotty leaves. Thatโ€™s the problem. To may people quick to add nutrients over a ph problem. Always check ph first. A 1/2 cup will work per pot

  4. Take some cutters in the fall and cut those stalks about 2 inches below the soil. Inoculate with some microbes and those will break down all those roots over the winter and feed your soil. Can't wait to see how your season goes!

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