Grandmothers Arrested While Traveling With CBD Oil Highlights Confusion | NBC Nightly News

Two grandmothers were arrested in separate incidents, with the charges later dropped, for carrying CBD oil, a substance derived …


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  2. Until weed is federally legal I will refuse the vaccine , thats not fda approved but they want you to take it , but you can get arrested for a plant , my body my choice , there is no freedom in this country .

  3. Why do our cops blindly follow stupidity? Why do our judges and lawyers do the same?

    These drug laws were founded in hypocrisy, lies and greed.
    Anyone with understanding knows this.

    May God be merciful and help us undo this oppressive wickedness.

  4. Do not protest this buy starting an easy Mobile Meth Lab. Just because it is easy and profitable , does not mean we should be doing this please do not try to make easy money in protest or look at easy instructions on the internet

  5. 69 year old grandma with no record on family vacation handcuffed, strip searched , placed in orange jumpsuit and locked in a cold jail because she had a few ounces of CBD oil for her arthritis that her doctor recommended. And police wonder why they get a bad rap. Puh-lease! SMH

  6. I am not a legal expert, but I have been told by multiple federal authorities that DFW receives federal funding and may be obligated to recognize the federal law that was passed in December 2018, if not, they risk losing all federal funding for DFW operations or projects that was originally documented in the 2014 farm act and subsequent consolidation of 2016 part 763, and the 2017 appropriations act. Part 538 and 773

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