Hemp Homes – Building A Sustainable Industry

This year we built the very first homegrown, processed, & made all right here in WA! To make it all the sweeter, our son began his …


    The big oil / paper bods have suppressed Hemp for too long now
    Its so good to see people going against the grain & using natural resources that are actually better overall than more ‘traditional’ methods
    Well done 👍🏼

  2. Great video ! When you mention you seal around your windows, what product do you use or how do you do that? Spray foam first comes to mind, but seems a shame to introduce toxic chemicals that in such a healthy home. 3:53

  3. I'm happy to see that my hard work for hemp prohibition to end, did work in the end.

    Now marijuana prohibition needs to end, it was Jack Herer' dream & I intend to see it fulfilled. He opened my mind to the benefits of both hemp & Cannabis.

  4. Hello I love this industry with a passion…and if you want to build a passive home and go one step further..you could install CLEAR VUE solar glass…there western Australian based to…how awsome…nice looking windows that act like solar panels.

  5. Amazing! Honestly very inspiring to see how people are starting to become more conscious and at the same time more enthusiastic about the future! It really makes me smile, keep up the good work!

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