How Did Cannabis Become the World’s Most Controversial Plant? | History

Learn about the history of cannabis and how it grew from popular medicinal plant to vilified drug in this clip from “The Marijuana …


  1. I love how it says what they grew as an industrial cash crop Native Americans did not grow hemp they're talking about India and in George Washington's diary it says that he was angry about not separating the males from the females you do not do that when you are cultivating Industrial Hemp Industrial Hemp you only do that if you want smokable flowers the founding fathers were not only growing hemp for its fibers but they were growing it to smoke

  2. Well why was marijuana banned during the Great American Depression of 1916 -1929?well it was thought that banning marijuana which mexicans smoked would encourage them back home and open up jobs for Americans who were unemployed.

  3. Can always expect history channel to explain it in a leftist, anti republican tone. Yes, the bill Nixon signed included cannabis. It also included opium, cocaine, heroine. At the time weed hadn’t been studied. What I’m more concerned about are the administrations since (several being democrat) who have not declassified pot as a schedule 1 drug, federally. Quit blaming republicans when both sides are guilty. But of course, history channel will only tell one side.

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