1. i love smoking and generally do it daily. but recently i have quit for the reason of sleep. thank you for this informative video, it has further backed up my decision. and i'll see you in my R.E.M.

  2. Thank you for this very helpful information.
    As you said taking a break from smoking can help improve sleep but worsen insomnia, but are these effects of chronic smoking on sleep reversible? If I quit smoking is there any chance I can get my sleep back to healthy/regular over time?

  3. It’s weird I’ve experienced that I dream a lot and my dreams are super detailed, I have kept some dream journals on a off since I was a teen and just comparing them I seem to have the same level of dreams that I always have and I dream during naps too

  4. Im afraid to stop because i hate dreaming. They're always stressful and I wake up feeling traumatized very often. Anyone know of other ways to suppress dreams without weed?

  5. Wanted to mention the idea of having pot on the morning, and thereby letting its effects fade-away by nighttime. I only consume pot; I don’t smoke it. (I make a grape-seed oil mix of marijuana and hemp buds.) But, therefore,, because it’s ingested, the effects of the THC lasts a few hours longer. By eating my toast with marijuana-butter earlier, I’d assume it would affect my dreams less come nighttime. I’m a spiritualist and I practice dream interpretation, so it’s important to me that my dreams generate themselves naturally.

  6. i was addicted, then, quit for 4 years, and now, im on it again! i must say, after the break, and now on weed…i am actually getting pretty vivid dreams! not very long ones per se, but i remember them when i wake up!
    what does this mean? i have no idea! but its fun to see the rules dont really apply as much to me personally i suppose

  7. This channel claims to have science in the title yet not once was the subject covered (when sleep is mentioned) that there are sativa (uppers) and indica (downers) amongst the cannibis range. If taking an upper it will adversely affect your sleep. Using an indica is more likely to bring on sleep.

  8. I really enjoyed this explanation and information. Well done! I know you’re not a doctor but with all of this info I do wish you would provide another option for those with extreme insomnia who struggle to quit.

  9. I don't have less dreams, my dreams are usually so complicated that I wake up from trying to understand wtf is goin on, it usually happens when I go to sleep high but it can happen even when months sober( though 20x less often)

  10. First of all it’s about whether you’re smoking stavia or indica. Weed is not just weed different strains do different things so yea take that and the fact that everyone’s body chemistry is different ❤

  11. If it ain't about farming it, absolutely no research about it is worth listening to. I'd say take this "research" with a grain of salt, but that grain would have to be an entire salt mine.

    As long as weed is Schedule 1, nobody is conducting proper experiments or research. 🤷

  12. Hi thanks for your well explained video. I like the drawings as well! 🙌🍁

    I've been a weed smoker for a while when living in Barcelona (social clubs are legal so it's easy to buy)
    My nature is being a good sleeper but usually I go to sleep late and wake up later also, I'm more a night person
    When I was smoking every night I had difficulties waking up in the morning, more than used to be and when I stopped (bit by bit without much pb) I noticed my dreams were coming back during my sleep, I had forgotten how it was to dream, I was always saying I never remember my dreams, it's normal for me but nooo it wasn't actually 😅

    Besides you didn't really separate sativa and indica which are 2 different kind with different effects, sativa would be more used during parties keeping you awake and thinking, so good to have deep conversations with friends for ex, but if you're feeling bad when smoking it, can results in a bad trip when alone (or not) because it can make you more paranoide, making you think about many things / Indica is better before going to sleep, it will relax you, good for an creative activity as well. Most of the time, the weed you buy is cut half half or 70%/30% or else or pure aha

    So the type of weed can also play, I'm the same person but according to my mood or what I smoke or the situation I'm living (if I'm alone or with friends, people I barely know, outside or inside etc) it will change my reaction and my sleep. But of course some people will react always good to weed others always bad..

    But well in my opinion it's still better than hashish 😂
    Funny fact btw, in France we call hashish "shit", voilà that's all for me today 😎
    Bye bye

  13. Hello everyone I am a certified cannabis consultant there has been studies on how sleep and CBD can help. CBD can quiet the mind and help with the racing thoughts but CBN is the one that people want to look into for sleep. CBN is a muscle relaxer so it helps with that better quality sleep. BUT Blending cannabinoid‘s will work synergistically so they will enhance the benefits of one another try blending CBN CBD and THC. As for dosing it’s all about finding the milligram amount that works perfectly for you for me I take a gummy called triple Z from the brand ZAR. This Gummy has 15 mg of CBN 10 mg of CBD and 10 mg of THC and 2.5 mg of melatonin (I take 1/2) This combination is perfect for sleep and overtime puts your sleep cycle back into balance.

  14. thanks for the video! 🙂 i smoke before i sleep but the other day i didnt, just earlier in the day and it was surprising how quickly i fell asleep, that may be because i have other sleep problems but it was definitely more noticeable when i didnt smoke before i slept! Also yeah the dreams were wild haha 🙂

  15. Been smoking forever, only downside to marijuana other than lung damage and cardio is the sleep problems. I never dream ever and I used to always dream and my sleep has been… unfulfilling.

  16. @asapSCIENCE, could you clarify, when your video says the rebound effect on REM sleep following weed cessation is associated with “a deficiency,” what deficiency are you referring to, a deficiency in REM sleep in general or a deficiency in something else? Any idea how long the rebound phase lasts for?

  17. If you ever had these weird dreams that you feel like you are awake but can't get up or open your eyes and are completely paralyzed because you stopped smoking, the experience will make you to never give it up for that fear. Trust me it is one of the scariest things I ever experienced. I think it keeps you sane. Who would ever want to remember these crazy dreams you had to cloud your brain when you awake?

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