How to Make Rose-Infused Hemp Oil / LEVO 2 Review

W H A T ‘ S — T H I S — V I D — A B O U T ? In this video, I demo the LEVO 2 and review this machine to see if it’s really makes …


  1. I have made infused oils on the stovetop and if I have the time to babysit it that’s fine but I like the fact that I don’t have to babysit the stove and it’s m getting more things done with my busy schedule 🙏❤️😊

  2. Hi Jerika you inspire me to get a Levo after me watching your video. I let Levo know you were the reason I bought one. Thank you. I can’t wait to start my business soon. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with others.

  3. I've heard about this product but they made non bath products with it. I'm glad your video shows the practical soapy use of it. I just made a baby soap with olive oil infused with chamomile flowers and I had them seeping for a few months to draw out all of the benefits. People love it!

  4. So, I make herbal-infused hair growth oils in LARGE batches and although this is nice and works fast, it will only allow me to produce a small batch at a time. I can steep my oil for about a week and produce 100 ounces. Thanks for sharing. It looks nice, but I need to crank out more product.

  5. What this taught me is that a 2 hour stove-top infusion is ok to do, with the clean up only involving a Pyrex measuring cup and a spatula, all without a $300 price tag. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. Wow, cool machine. But, handmade bread vs. bread maker machine, perked coffee on the stove vs. K-cup, knitting by hand vs. knitting machine, wrapped by hand vs huge shrink wrap machine etc. There is a difference between handcrafted and machine crafted. I prefer handcrafted. Just one woman's opinion!

  7. I make oil infusions for my soaps all the time! I use the stove top double boiler method 6-8 hours usually on heat then I leave it overnight before straining and squeezing out the herbs or flowers. I also make chamomile infused almond milk to drink before bed when I need a really great nights sleep!I don’t mind taking the time with it, slowly stirring it and some of them make the house smell so good too!

  8. I actually really like the look of the machine, as a business owner myself I like that it is easy to use.
    I understand that you can make your own infused oils at home and just put it up for a few days or weeks without the fast results and if that's what you'd prefer that's great 👍
    For me I personally don't want containers filled to the brim with oils etc.. just waiting to be knocked over by one of my children lol..

    I'm all about the fast results and I personally would love this machine for my own business.
    Price point is fairly good, I know because I just checked it out.
    Thanks guys for sharing this with us even if you are getting paid to share it. Hehe… Good for you it's all about extra streams of income.
    Knowledge is power and if you hadn't of shared this video I would still not know about this machine so thank you.
    People will always have something to complain about so shrug it off babes xx
    Love your content and love your work.
    Thank you for inspiring many of us to strive to have bigger goals.


  9. I have made some lovely fresh herbed (from garden) infused oils this summer. Then came across the request to make Chaga mushroom creams. Chaga grows on birch trees and then making a tincture. So many things to try. Infusing oils is a fairly simple process. The process can be as easy as adding the herb to an oil, in a cold process method or a warm process by again adding herb to an oil in a jar. This is warmed in a hot water bath. The oils I infused turned out great. Something to watch out for is mold and mildew and this can turn up in the infused oil during storage. So it may be wise to use the infused oil quickly. Not sure how LEVO addresses this problem. I'm guessing the herb must be clean, (no visible dirt or bugs). The Oil should have a good date and not be opened. How does LEVO suggest cleaning and disinfecting the machine? If it is a complicated process that wouldn't be a time or energy saver. Thanks for showing us the machine. If I were to need an infused oil for a lot of finished product I think this might me a good investment. I have invested in a stainless steel still because I wanted to make some hydrosols. That is just another process. The biggest challenge is growing the amount of herb needed. I would prefer fresh herb rather than dried herb, There is a lot to think about to get the quality that you want.

  10. …the $300+ infusion device is not necessary…idk why you are trying to sell us this??? Anyone can make an herbal infusion without fancy equipment that is VERY likely to get better results and keep the herbal properties in tact.

  11. You can also add dried flowers and/herbs to a glass jar, fill with an oil (light oils like sweet almond infuse easily) within about half an inch from the top and let sit in a cabinet/ pantry for a few weeks (shake periodically). Or wrap in a towel or put it in a brown paper bag and sit in in a sunny window ~ the natural heat will do the job in a few days to a week. I love infused oils! I infuse my sweet almond oil with green tea all the time! 🥰

  12. Jerika I realise this is a paid advert video, kinda disappointed in that, but anyone can do exactly the same using a simple saucepan, no need to fork out money. Put your jar on top of a folded cloth fill water to top of oil level in jar place on lowest heat for two hours or longer if wish do not boil water after turn off heat leave to cool.

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