How to Use CBD in DIY Bath and Beauty Products + Tips for Selling | Bramble Berry

Join Kayla Fioravanti as she shares with us her tips and tricks on incorporating CBD and hemp oil into your bath and body …


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  2. I just have to comment about CBD being legal everywhere and that you can put it in your product without licensing. Unfortunately NY, which of course wants to make money from everyone, is requiring a license to add CBD to topical products. It is bundled in the processor's license with edibles, and it is very expensive. $500 application fee and $1,000 for the application. Then you have to get an inspection of your work area from an outside source, and get all of your products challenge tested, which can range from $300 and up per item. I am actually in NY, warched this wonderful video, bought the distillate from a local, woman owned hemp company, only to find out I cannot sell it without jumping through all of those hoops. And did I mention the insurance. So sad that NY did this.

  3. thanks for ur information. i'd like to ask u about fractionated coconut oil, is it differ from caprylic capric triglycerides or they both the same material?
    i appreciate ur answer..

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