Inside Australia’s 3D-Printed Hemp Houses

Take a look inside Australia’s 3D-Printed Hemp Houses – an alternative way to environmental focus. The world is running out of …


  1. Omg wow guys that is so Kool.. amazing!!! I feel like I wanna get on board some how.. 😄..
    We all need a stable roof over our heads.. and to afford it save up or whatever.. to have I nice size home with a lil garden.. even for myself I'm a single male hear in Australia.. renting.. and I love living on my own with my dog and my parrot.. with out lil court yard I've created a lil tropical space hear.. 🙂.
    Wanna look more into this to find out how myself and others can own their own a place call home.. ☺️👍🤗…
    With out competition..
    I feel like so many Australians like my myself would love to see this happen.. to help our planet.. the eco system..
    And have sum peace and happiness.. & we go to our work and know we have our our own safe place to come back too… 😁👍…

  2. This is the kind of nonsense crap that is over-running YT. Fluff content with click-bait titles with little useful info, created just for clicks and ad revenue. There's minimal info on the actual hemp 3d-printing process, just a lot of flashy stock footage added on to pad content. If this was a research paper on hemp 3-d printed houses, I'd grade this an 'F'. I'd tempted to think that this video was scripted by an AI engine, but I'd like to think that even AI would have generated something more coherent and useful.

  3. All pieces…hemp oil food fuel…fiber reinforcement binder…connect all the pieces 'anti gates solutions '

    Equitable Equity question: who would not want these combinations…deep staters

  4. Hemp, Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot, Weed Whatever you wanna call it is Still ILLEGAL Here Down Under, Great idea using the Wonderful Versatility of this NATURAL PLANT, So Many (1000+) Products from ONE Plant 🤔 Fuels, Lubricants, Paints, Papers, Plastics, Foods, Medications, Relaxation Probably the only Plant in the WORLD That can Probably be GROWN on Most of the PLANET NATURALLY 🤔

  5. Seeing how efficient it is to PRINT a hemphome… This looks like a significant part of the puzzle to solve the housing crisis here in the United States. I would think RFK Jr. would be open to hemphomes being created all over here.

  6. Awesome technology. Would be great for Germany! We are the country for engineers, surely we must have something like your technology but I have not seen it yet. And those glass self sustaining electricity. WOW! 💫

  7. …unfortunately almost none of the footage in this video is from Australia and all the 3D printed examples there are not Hempcrete, they are unfortunately the various standard concrete mixes that are used in 3D printing. There is a big difference between traditional hemp construction and 3D printing. Not much in this video is legit and a lot of the footage is from the US or other countries, certainly not from Australia. Who are the companies 3D printing with hempcrete in Australia?

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