Joburg CBD building fire leave two dead – SABC News Reporter Mbalenhle Mthethwa updates

Police in Gauteng have arrested a woman who was allegedly seen pouring paraffin at the building that caught fire in the …


  1. So this kwerekwere (foreigner) Mbemgwa is a councilor standing in for another kwekwere councilor Munyambeni who is away on a family funeral in either malawi, zambia or zimbabwe, this is all in the city Johannesburg. So literally Jhb is being run by amakwekwere put there probably by EFF. Imagine a SAcan being a councilor in some village or city in these countries. We need to remove EFF and ANC from our country at both national and municipal elections. Send these kwerekwere back home

  2. He has every right to express his views, if they're (NGOs and Human rights activists, etc.) dubious they remain so until proven otherwise.

    Joburg must close shop and clean up. It's largely run by criminals

  3. What happened to the beautiful city of Johannesburg, the whole city seems to be condemned? The government has run the country into a slum and Johannesburg is just another disgraceful result of ANC mismanagement!

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