Kings of Cannabis (Full Length Documentary)

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  1. My local goverment anti drug agency looking at my youtube history right now. Why is this man here, why is this man watching this, why is this man looking at stuff he shouldn't. Why he looking at weed stuff from Colombia. Why?

  2. Pshh that aint nothing. I have 2000 acres of cannabis planted right now. I have a million cars. And i have a thousands girlfriends. Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂 when im high. Sorry had to reidderate. When im high i have all that stuff lol

  3. I just saw an realized on sling you guys have a tv channel and you call 27 minutes a full length documentary, everyone I've watched has been over 50 minutes of other channels remember this isn't tv so you don't pay for time limits. lol

  4. este man arruino todas las variedades de plantas que existian en colombia, introdujo sus semillas transgenicas con altos niveles de THC lo cual produjo que los cultivadores dejaran de cultivar la cepas nativas provocando casi su extincion, hoy en colombia solo existe prensado de baja calidad una degeneracion de las variedades de europa que este man introdujo.

  5. Выращиваю манжурский канабис уже 4года очень древний сорт!!!!!не уступает другим сортам!!!!! Очень торчовый!!!!!!! Ветеран бд Андрей

  6. Надо лиголизововать канабис по всему миру!!!!!!! И небудет войн люди станут добрей!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤курите братья!!!!!! Ветеран бд Андрей

  7. It's fun to smoke Ganja and find some seeds and grow them out. You never know what you're going to get. I was watching a grow video and this shop was selling Strain Hunters packs of seeds from Green House. If I ever grow again, I'm getting some landrace genetics from Green House. I used to make glass pipes and had a small grow just for fun.

    Dark Shades
    Rhymes with these glasses fades all the classes
    Mix up batches of cement it’s how I invent
    Seen the intense
    I got 5 years of heavy drugs on me
    In a Chinese Laundry
    I Storm Free the brain before keys
    I got cheese I rock down freeze
    Dark Shades
    Yo I got it made with the blades
    Dropped on this stays
    WIth the Glock torn through fools
    I can’t stand a fool in school
    Violence in the rule
    They need Dark Shades
    I was born with them torn with them
    Scored an exit to check hectic schedules
    Reflex hits the metal tense kettle boils
    All Oils I rock this Gold Foil I boy I’ll
    Coin a new one now as lyrical POW!
    Hits the Dark Shades
    Everyone gives and take
    Yo gimme a break and supply these
    Rhymes G it’s a crime see?
    I can’t deny G I recline spot fee on 9
    Dark Shades
    Everyone’s graves is marked with an arcing
    Electric extra head hit the pavement
    Till the rain fell as bell
    I can’t stand this hell I been through dwell with
    Dark Shades

    I need Gold and Platinum chains
    Extinguish the resist on the Trip that injury rip me
    I sin to G like that fat Gold Chains on the Map
    WIth Water Fasts Platinum
    All baseball bat come from the Sun
    I run a ton offa Gun that hype numb
    We release drugs into the mix to fix it
    Yo you witnessing greatness as I fade hits
    The blades slipped across flesh bleeding to death
    Just one left one test
    Fresh for the fun to flex on one hum
    All of us rung Kick Back in the Sun
    Like this numb I’m a cyclist with the Sum
    I shot this to clock riches offa the victorious
    Yo pour me more of this I warning in the twist
    To before seamless and the stream did flex
    I beam with this text I lean on it
    Take Bong hits as I roll messed with the patrol
    They Gold and X off the spot wrecks
    Index with the rest I in it next to feed it
    To speed with I pay heed to warning
    Seen soaring stocks rise with Psychedelic Eyes
    Water fried me in the laundry
    As I serve a sight to see
    Flight to be
    Just gotta get the right keys and free on this GP

    I soft style
    With hard influence we screw into this
    Rip Blue Fists as true this
    Flew fist of the rule exist as new mixed in
    I written the hits in this
    Some bit and tried to compile while I smile I profile
    I file into the wild winds sin to
    Blend violence into the been through that true as black act
    Flew across the map as rap
    I maximum sacks with the hum wax
    I love Ganja as bomb as facts stung one relapse with the caps
    I got to tax maximum with the funds you want
    I sum of the front on the stunt that brunt of all
    Wall to wall crawl all install a ball even
    Like even Steven Ganja rein it the right bleeding on sight
    I Wing is white to feed into the hype I mean to
    I’m Mike Neidlinger
    With the 9 chains fingers as danger made of
    I fade the plate that spin
    I begin to entrance defense intense
    I sentence back when this was black
    Mention this act as the track record that second guess in the flesh
    Text torn in it
    A War you can’t win it so don’t begin it

    The product
    The projects
    It’s complex as Soldiers flex
    Their old on the old school like mics cool
    And type that hype and swipe the gun wipe off
    The type soft as gloss on cost
    For the raw stuff as the core inject the floor wrecked
    The soared check
    The aftermath the crept up task that reflect
    Everyone inject into the sentence
    The entrance
    The keen defense the intense pretense as beats stretch
    Each neck checked with respect the rhymes reflect
    The ghetto all let glow slow as kept the rainbow for flow
    All tight shows light rose over rows of seating
    Greeting the audience meeting as cost you sense
    Receding into the lyrical beatings like methamphetamine
    Let a cream rise see in the eyes as beam wise
    A dream cries out me me me
    I rhyme G as top plea that cop Speed
    I read between the lines as rap rewinds
    What blinds us and binds us defines us
    Let us adjust as trust that
    I might rap a fact or two but truth be told
    Your rhymes are worth Gold

  8. We shouldn't be letting these kind of people running such kind of companies inside our rural territory, this business should have not been running by some crazy gringos or europeans. Cannabis legal growing should be easier for locals. This could be the enconomy of our generation, and we are letting some texans with money keep it. Gonorreas ome!

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