Making Weed Oil Without Blowing Up Your Home | BLACK MARKET

Michael K. Williams checks out a clandestine home lab that creates butane honey oil – a high-end weed product that can contain …


  1. So, genius boy, What happens when the compressor on that outdoor refrigerator kicks in and the butane gas that has settled on the ground explodes. No eye protection or anything? Genius.

  2. how irresponsible of you guys at VICE to be showing people how to do this!!! first off, it's illegal to make concentrates with solvents(butane, propane), because it's hella dangerous! buy a rosin press and make concentrates safely!!!! shame on VICE! this is not safe, even outside it's dangerous!

  3. Good video, I'm 70 and dying from lung disease. I've smoked everything from cigs to drugs. If something lit on fire, and made smoke, I'd at least try it. I've been making and smoking oil since I was 17 and discovered hash oil by accident when we skipped school to hot knife hash.

    I would add two thoughts to your method, 1) try a hair dryer in it won't make the glass brittle. 2) When I remove a mouth piece, I cost the connection with Vaseline because I love buying applicators (syringes) so I can add oil to my weed pipes, or putting a couple drops of oil on a small piece of food that i can pop in my mouth and swallow without chewing it. Take care

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