Quality Roots cannabis launches campaign to educate people on benefits of marijuana

Quality Roots has launched a new campaign that aims to educate people on the benefits of using cannabis-based products for a …


  1. Are you hiring for a texan who's in desperate need of relocation and a career that is meaningful and amazing !! ☮️💜♐ Peace !!! Positive energy always creates elevation

  2. Awesw we need more of this I want to put a cannabis museum in every state people need to know the truth … Plants are not a crime… Saves lives !! ☮️💜♐

  3. Science is being influenced by political ideology. The current ideology is similar to nazism. Nazi's admired the racial segregation in america, they felt in competition with the USA in that regard. Nazi's were extreme environmentalists and practiced experimentation against the wills of people…lots more besides. The illegal biden regime pays most "news shows" including the LOCAL NEWS to support only their warped science, look it up.

  4. High School students in Orange County must take an electrocardiogram test this year to play in sports.

    This is a new requirement.

    This seems a bit strange?

    Could it have anything to do with the vaccines?

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