SEIZURE WATCH | My Toddler Is Sick – On High Alert For Seizures | Special Needs Family Life

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  1. I hate seeing precious Avery sick, praying for a speedy recovery. Really wish you guys were in a warmer climate since she does so well it seems with warmer weather. God bless this family always!👋👋NC, USA🫶🙏🤞

  2. I hope precious Avery feels better soon!!! I hate to see her sick!! Glad y’all are going on another fun trip soon!! I hope you have a peaceful rest of the weekend!! 🙏✨🔆✨🙏🔆🙏

  3. Here’s some information I believe it could be.

    Absence Seizures
    Absence seizures don’t look at all like a seizure portrayed on television. In fact, they can be so benign that they’re sometimes confused with a person simply daydreaming, explains the Epilepsy Foundation.
    This type of seizure, also called a “petit mal” seizure, causes the patient to blank out or stare into space for a short period of time. The person won’t be aware they’re having the episode, but they will immediately recover. You may be able to identify an absence seizure if the patient’s eyelids are fluttering (from rapid blinking) or if they are smacking their lips or making chewing movements. The episodes usually subside within 10-seconds.

  4. Praying for our Precious Pudding & all the family. Thank you for your vlogs ~ I appreciate they are so much work & take so much time. You do spread a lot of sunshine with them ~ so grateful to and for you. ❤️🙏❤️

  5. Avery is getting so tall. Is there a way to request to keep her services???? I had that problem with my son. I'm in the US it was years ago, but they did reconsider.
    Chrisie, you are a wonderful mum.
    I'm not on Tic Toc. Please don't leave utube

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