seizures, keppra and mental health

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  1. This is everything I’ve wanted to say but didn’t know how to word it. Maybe I was embarrassed by it. I’ve been on keppra for six months and it’s horrible. I hate taking it but I’ve been seizure free. There’s times when I feel so dizzy and cloudy and my mind races that I have to lay down and sleep it off. My memory has gotten so bad too. I used to remember names and dates easily. But not anymore. It sucks but so do seizures.

  2. I recently started getting epilepsy in april of this year and i can tell you from personal experience it isn't a cake walk it takes a lot out of you it feels like you fought a possession you wake up sweating.

  3. Thanks for sharing this video, I have been looking for someone who talked about Seizures, Keppra and Mental Health!
    I feel just about everything you said in this video I have had Epilepsy for 20 something years and I take Keppra. It has taken a toll on my Mental health

  4. R.i.p mama you rest easy ill see you soon your life was beautiful & you were loved & cherished no matter what u may think Please Priscilla's family if you could let me know when her funeral is id like to contribute i love you you gave me so much hope Rest in peace Priscilla❤

  5. I have seizure since I was 13. Now I’m 21, I been taking Keppra 750mg once a day.
    I feels like it has effects me in a bad way. Since I forgotten who I really am. If it’s me or this medicine make me feel certain way. It’s make me tired and sleeping. I’m thinking about changing my medicine. I heard that it might cause me having episode when I take new medicine, if you know anything. Can you give me advice?

  6. Thank you for your inspiring videos. I have a question in regards Keppra… for example if you take it every twelve hours and for some reason next one you take is in 16 hours, would it be an issue?

  7. I also have a seizure disorder with the ups and downs attached with such illness! Studying every possible resource has helped me in many ways, like Exercising daily helping me rewire in a positive manner, everyday replenishing the dopamine levels with assistance from eating clean and maintaining a good sleep schedule ect. including the videos like yours. I hope you're healing journey is blessed with understanding!

  8. Thank you for this video❤️ I have had epilepsy for 15 years. I have been taking Keppra 500mgx2 daily. Although I have been seizure free on it, my mental has suffered. I have always been a moody, anxious person but now I have this anger and aggression added on. It’s definitely hard and I struggle a lot with it 🙁 but I’m happy I am seizure free(tonic-clonic).

  9. I have taken keppra and primadon and I forgot the ones but I’ve been having seizures since I was 10 years old I remember when I asked a girl out and she said no to me because I have seizures right I still have seizures yesterday I had two and the day before I had 3 seizures and it seems like I’m forgetting things more often my doctor told me that I should try the VNS surgery but I don’t really want anything to change like my voice I understand the last thing that your talking about I wish I was like my friends and family members live a normal life and be able to drive

  10. I want to start by saying you express yourself very well! The fact that you're honest and real is what makes you the perfect spokesperson for this. I've been on Keppra for 15 years and a couple months ago started to slowly wean. I never realized until recently that who I've become as a person is from this med. I have terrible anxiety and panic attacks which I never had before taking this med. I wish more people like yourself had been more honest and made videos like yours. I've recently tried finding videos on people weaning off Keppra and I can't find anything

  11. Thank you for making this video. It is nice to relate to someone else at a similar age who is on keppra. The amplification of negative emotions and the inner conflict is a real toll on my mental health too. I have much more experience with dealing with these thoughts now but in the past, it felt like I was living every day in a mental warzone.

    Although I've been on keppra much longer, I never seriously thought about how it affected my life and mental health until recently, which lead me to finding your videos. I just went through years of terrible mental health thinking it was natural and part of puberty. It was shocking when I realized that it wasn't normal and that most people have a more stable mental state.

    One side effect that I've read about and personally have on keppra is anorexia. You mentioned that you lost weight on keppra; for me, I've just always been extremely lightweight for my age and height. It is just very rare that I have an appetite to eat food and when I do, I feel full fast (before I can eat what could be considered a full meal for my BMI). Caffeine also heavily suppresses my appetite, so combined with keppra, when I'm wired, it is extremely difficult to eat for basically the whole day. I was also terrified of gaining weight a few years ago but now I am actually bulking to put on some muscle and am the fattest and heaviest I've ever been.

    I appreciate the videos you have made and am looking forward to your future ones.

  12. I love when real people talk about their experiences with what life has dealt them. I love this style so so so much more than the medical robot voice spitting out definitions or whatever.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Idk why people think it’s so taboo to talk openly about things like this. I mean we are all going through something so why keep it hush hush. It’s never made sense to me.

  13. I appreciate it for sure, coming from someone else who's had Epilepsy for about six years now. While I want to also say that you're pretty, it's a major thank you again on the side with knowing I'm not the only one who's on the battlefield fighting this. We're all in this together. <3

  14. The first thing I want to say is I’m so happy you’re doing okay after the last time you posted a video. I thought about you here and there wondering if you were doing fine. You have gone through a lot and are still going through a lot, but I am so happy to know that you’re pushing you’re way through it and doing everything you can for yourself 🙂 this is Mel btw, not sure if you remember, but overall I wish you the best ❤️

  15. Very informative, sorry your going through a hard time right know. And I hope things come around soon. Please keep pushing and following your dreams. Hopefully that will push more joy in your life. Give you a break from the pain.

  16. Awake at 3 am because I can't sleep! I've recently switched to 1750mg XR because I was on 2k but the side effects were rough. Numb and dumb is how I put it. Just a few days ago, I had another brain surgery but I'm not going any higher on Keppra.
    Do you also refer to it as "Kepprage" as well? If you need anything, I'm on discord too usually hanging out with my BC friends as well.
    Thank you for sharing! I know it's hard and people don't realize how much Keppra can suck because they have never been on it.

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