The Future of Cannabis Cultivation is Bright – Insights in Sealed Greenhouse CEA

The future of cannabis cultivation is looking bright, thanks to advances in sealed greenhouse technology. In this video, we look at …


  1. Thanks for making all these great videos. I have a stupid question. In locations like Vermont where the snowfall can be very significant is snow collection on the roof a problem or does the heat radiating out from within the green house melting the snow quick enough for it to slid off quickly?

  2. no blockchain?! no gender aspects?! so dissapointing… but at least "data analysis". giving space for a series of pseudo scientific bogus publications- something with "a.i.","autoadaptive" , "control" and "treatment". Finally there are hundred of supplier for pharma scale weed shops competing, producing the ton gloabally needed for the isolated autoimune sick cancer population.
    yea. thats a good keyword for industrial cannabis and FDA regulations: "cancer".

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