This Brand CEO Causes PR Disaster & Puts Out HORRIBLE Apology…

On this episode of The Sesh, we talk about why Kyte Baby’s CEO is being blasted all over the internet and react to her pathetic …


  1. My son is a heart baby who has spent months of his life in the NICU and cardiac ICU, he had undergone 4 open heart surgeries before he turned 4 months old. We were unable to work during these times in order to be with him at the hospital. During hospital admissions, I have always packed his kyte baby sleep sack to keep him warm and comfortable. Not anymore, I’ll be finding a new brand. I cannot support a company who wouldn’t support my baby and my family.

    Watching your baby fight to live is hard enough, a parent should not have to risk their job in order to be there to advocate for their baby.

  2. Honey Nut Cheerios / Cinnamon Toast Crunch / Rasin Brand !! I don’t like plain raisins but I love rasin brand and raisin bread !! That shit w/ cinnamon butter SLAPS !! Yall are missing OUT

  3. This is just sad all round, I don't understand how a new mother can be expected to return to work after 2 weeks. Here in Ireland it's 6 months paid (mix of payment from employer and subsidised by the state so you still come out with your Net pay ) then you have the option to take an additional 5 weeks paid (again by the state) either at the end of 6 months or you can take one week at a time until the child turns 2. You also have the option to take unpaid leave and any accumulated annual leave you are owed can be added on at the end of 6 months. I had my baby May 2020 returned to work in Jan 21 then took one week paid parental leave for 5 weeks. Dad's get paid parental leave for 2 weeks and also have the option to take the paid 5 weeks up to the child is two. The state pay is apx €245 pw I know not alot but better than nothing.

  4. pre food allergy fav cereals – fruity pebbles, coco pebble, and kellogg krave. and now i have food allergies so my options are a lot more limited so my fav is frosted flakes and thats it. because anything else that is wheat and soy free is disgusting. 🙁

  5. This is exactly what I was expecting from a bunch of Karen’s that have never run a small business and have the livelihood of all their employees on the line. She barely walked there for a year. She was hired an as IN STUDIO coordinator. Meaning she had to be there in person. She DIGNED her employment contract agreeing to the maternity policy. She was adopting and the baby was born premature. A company cannot make up a position for an employee when they can no longer do the position they were hired to do. And all you fucking morons are boycotting a small business that employs ALL women and allows them to bring their children to work which may cause the business to go under and 13 people to lose their jobs. Also, the government the employee was not fired. She was clearly told that her job would be there when she returned but they couldn’t accommodate her work from home request because she was hired as an in peros. Coordinator and they were not going to make up a position out of thin air. Grow the fuck up. I don’t have a baby but I am now going to go and buy a bunch of shit.

  6. Estonia 🇪🇪 😊. I am from Estonia and I lived a year in Texas and when I was speaking mothers there, they couldn't believe that we can stay at home with pay for 1.5 years and another 1.5 years without pay. The job is guaranteed for the 3 years. I have 2 boys and and stayed at home with kids for 4.5 years and after that resumed my position at work. Birth is so straining to your body and also mentaly because of the hormones. I takes time to recover from that and it is soo important to have time with your newborn. As we have universal healthcare I did not pay anything for the hospital ( stayed in hospital for 3 days both times). If men would have to give birth you would have soo much better leaves.

  7. As someone who lives in Australia is still blows my mind that some countries don’t have the maternity leave that we do let alone the fact we don’t pay a cent to go to the hospital and have a baby, and being able to stay for as long as we need until baby and mum is safe to go go home. People in Australia still talk about how expensive it is to have children here … I just can’t even imagine this extra level of stress added on top of what that woman went though 😭😭

    Not that I’ve gone through any of this but that story really breaks my heart. 💔

    Ps…. Why you guys so good at news reading 😂😂😂

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