Trying CBD Cigarettes! @VanceGlobal

Feel free to check out these hemp cigarettes along with other cool products provided by Vance Global with the code “KOKO” for …


  1. So far you are the best review out there. I like that you said it has flower qualities, the white one is peppery. I think they're mixed with lavender..
    Yes girl I could tell you were stoned. So cute. Haha 😆 Like my brother. He can't hide his high. 😉

  2. Hemp may be the best herb you can smoke, simply because it has a much higher cbd content than marijuana. And more healing effects on the brain. My first time trying the Wild Hemp brand today, i smoked 3 in a row

  3. Weed makes me binge eat slur my words and doesnt help my depression. Will this be a better alternative? I have an issue with need things in my mouth, I will never go back to cigs but blunts leave me with a headache and just eh

  4. CBD cigs is way more therapeutic. First the filters are bio-degradable and also CBD has the power to reverse the effect of cancer on the lungs from tobacco. CBD is a giant👿 and tobacco is this little dude that Bully’s people and CBD is a huge guy that’s a super hero. Stay medicated my people

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