Tysons encephalitis seizures unedited!!!

Here’s a 7 minute video of how to handle pug encephalitis and there seizures. This one took 1 and a half minutes. Then the body …


  1. Canım benim nasılda acılar çekmiş yeni seyrettim tysonı valla ne diyim Devran bey sizin soğukkanlılığınıza stres yönetiminize sevginize yine hayran kaldım çok özlediğinizede eminim 🥺🥺🥺💓💓💓💓İYİKİ VARSINIZ İYİKİ DEV ADAM CESUR YÜREK VE GÜZEL KALPLİ EKİBİ 👍👍👍💓💓💓

  2. Take care of him…my girl passed away today…she was 5 year old. This is the worst day of my life. I dont know how to manage this situation. A day without her cant even imagine… Sir, take care of him well.. Give him maximum support, love and care.

  3. Our French Bulldog used to have seizures but has not had one for about a year and a half now. I found out that it was certain food products or if he was stressed out. The foods were carrots, any small amount of chocolate (even licking the remains of my small chocolate dessert pot) small amounts of anything that dogs should not have would start it. My advice is find a suitable grain free dry food and give him nothing else and I think you will see a change. Good luck.

  4. awww poor tyson i was crying watching here.. my one year old puppy is having a first seizure and now his in the hospital. we will do da blood check tomorrow. so now im waiting for da results and find out if wat it is.. ❤️ i know ur strong tyson ill pray for you too💪

  5. Poor guy, I know what it means to see your dog having these seizures. They are very heavy to see and very nasty for the dog. After a seizure it's best to give them rest and quietness to recover. Much love for you all

  6. I'm so sorry you both are going through this. Hope you can get this under control. Have he had operation for helping his breathing? To correct stenotic nares, a small piece of tissue is removed in the nostrils. An elongated soft palate can be shortened, and the sacks on the voice box can also be removed. All of these corrections will make breathing much easier for pugs with heavy breathing problems.

  7. Какой ужас!!! Как тяжело собачка переносит приступ эпилепсии!!! Животные болеют такими страшными болезнями, за что им такое посылается! Людей без грехов практически нет ,за то нам и болезни страшные в наказание!!! А животинке за что

  8. I completely empathize with what Tyson is going through. We had a terrier/bugle mix, and he suffered from numerous seizures. Watching what you and your mom went through during Tyson's seizure, brought it all back to me. Stay strong and just be there for him. Tyson knows you're there for him. We do what we can to keep them comfortable.

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