Unlocking the truth: Medical marijuana’s untold benefits

Dr. AJ and Dr. MJ discuss the benefits and risk of medical marijuana. Please comment below with your experiences with medical …


  1. I think that the cbd oil is very good for pain my mom got off of hydrocordone n oxi also now takes 1000 mg of cbd but you have to get it from like the cbd store on hwy 50. I use it for sleep n it’s great. I use .25 mg to sleep. Good job guys.🤩😍

  2. I see you guys have prescribed yourselves desoxyn been rolling that glass dick around 😂 y’all are fucking LOST. “It comes as dry leaves.” If you’re smoking leaves your smoking the wrong part and the fucking skid row example ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Way to perpetuate ignorance.

  3. well, there is 2 points I want to make here the first one is marijuana is psychoactive not psychedelic there is a difference, and the second point is marijuana isn't physically addicting although through extended consistent use you can develop a mental dependency on it. But even that is pretty rare because most stoners intentionally take what are known as " tolerance breaks " where they intentionally go weeks or even sometimes months without doing marijuana in order to lower their tolerance back to base level.

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