What’s Legal And Illegal About CBD Oil In Tennessee

Questions surrounding the closure of multiple Rutherford County businesses have continued; so NewsChannel 5 found out what …


  1. East Tennessee Discount Drug store in Lenoir City Tn. Is selling CBD oil with 30ml of thc in it and that's not legal. It does get u high so it should be banned until marijuana is legal.

  2. Good Job Rutherford County , your law enforcement are really making a difference in your community . I'm sure your police chief didn't eat all the candy ?you fat bastard .I'm sure there's so much crime coming from illegal CBD sells lol. I hear the Mexican cartel are flooding in millions of units of CBD a day and drug dealers are now camping outside hospitals and clinics to sell there product to all the sick kids with illness . Fucking idiots

  3. It all goes back to federal law versus state law. State law enforcement cannot arrest shop owners and customers for having CBD products, federal law enforcement can. Unless the law has been rewritten since Feb. 2018, federal law states that any level of THC classifies a substance as an illegal, scheduled drug. Hasn't it been this way since the 1970's and law officials are just now using it for convenience/to make arre$t$? Fed law always trumps state law. Ew.

  4. I'm really concerned by the ignorance of law enforcement agencies.
    Is there no recourse for these men shutting down these businesses, arresting these people, and stopping people from getting these life-changing products?

    If they don't get punished for treating good people like criminals, then what will ever stop them from doing so again?

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