1. Total JOKE. To hell with the STATE and STATE WEED CARDS — they just want in your pants. To hell with paying the state anything, let along tax on what, weed? No one should track your every purchase. And do you really think they grow your "over-priced" weed organically — hell no, that would take away from their profits. All said and done, keep the STATE and all these DAMED DISPENSORIES out of your pocket and privacy. THE FEW GET RICH ON THE BACKS OF YOUR DESPERATION. Hence, support your local organic growers, it helps both them and you and keeps the hollywood-boyz hands out of your pocket.

  2. What is needed do I have to put in my address and what if I don’t have a California issued I’d is that a problem do I have to show you my doctor records to, I am visiting and maybe staying in az with my family for a while but I was wondering if I can still get my medical marijuana card “I’m 18”

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