Wild Hemp Vape Pen Review!! Pineapple Express CBD Vaoe Pen

Thinking about trying Wild Hemp Vape Pen? If you are you wi;; definitely want to watch this! ➡️ Checkout Wild Hemp Vape Pens …


  1. Just Bought mine,u got RAINBOW DROPS,HONESTLY I Dislike the taste,LOVE THE PEN CUZ UTS PERTTY & MATCHES MY CIG CASE..ANYHOW I can taste the Steps,mines 500 Mg's but i HATE terpin flavir..Rather have a 🥭Mango flavor " JUST CBD"..ANYONE who thinks this will get you High..LOL..TRY DABBS;!;;

  2. You gotta inhale my guy🤦🏽‍♂️ I smoke regular weed all the time and even when I smoke cbd the effects are pretty much right away. I mean it might just be me but it just looks like you held the smoke in your mouth then exhaled🤷🏽‍♂️ which if so is not a proper hit

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