1. I gave my SSN to a Nigerian prince who promised me a hefty sum if I let him use my SSN to open a bank account. I’m patiently waiting because Nigeria takes a long time to open bank accounts but he promised that once it’s open, I’d have $15M.

  2. Also fun fact: since there are 300 million US citizens, even picking a 10 digit number at random gives you a 30% chance of matching an alive person (unless it's a dummy number)

  3. Fun fact: they had to change the system because someone's actual number was visible on television so now that number is a permanent dummy number.

  4. The solution is to make the old social security untrustworthy in the eyes of people rising fear. Maybe a big leak or something. And say they want to increase security and incentive everyone upgrade.

  5. I found my deceased mothers ss number used by some goon in Illinois. I turned it over the SS fraud division and they said they would handle it but I would recieve no further communication regarding it. I alway wonder what happened.

  6. And financial companies do not give a flying hoot about the integrity of maintaining security that keeps up with bad actors.

    Every loan and financial account you own (or each additional entity that has your SSN on record) is essentially an additional entry into the security breach hunger games.

    Sooner or later, all our social security numbers will be exposed.

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