2-Minute Neuroscience: THC

THC is the main psychoactive component of cannabis. In this video, I discuss the effects of THC on the nervous system.


  1. Question:
    You can upregulate cb1r density through cold exposure, HIIT and others things like special diet.
    Is that also true for the receptors that are in the brain or only the receptors that are in the brown fat tissue in the body?

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  3. i was hoping to see chemical composition and something from the periodic table alongside formulas and temperatures of harvest and how temperature can change the plant from green to purple or how often to keep the thc plant watered and how long u know the stuff people really want to know

  4. This cleared EVERYTHING up, SEE, I always thought that LIZARD PEOPLE genetically altered US to become more receptive to this chemical, thus propogating a willingness to do things we normalky wouldnt,….like visit our IN-LAWS…I'm glad to know that MOTHER NATURE messed us up all by herself….mm

  5. The "impaired" part is up to you. Smoke only the right amount for you to get the benefits without the impairments. Also with time you become better at handling it. What looks like impairment is just you feeling so much better that you're swimming in your own memories, still being able to reason if necessary, you're just not bothered by the world as much by that point. For those that have never tried it before its a feeling similar to barely waking up, feeling really good and comfy×20 or 30

    Be careful if you're trying for the first time. A pinch (literally a small amount that can fit between two fingers) is more than needed, per session. Otherwise if you smoke am entire "blunt" (a cigar leaf full of weed) you'll be overwhelmed and you'll experience anxiety or a panic attack. Just like when you drink too much and you feel horrible… same thing with this. Just a tiny amount will do for you to feel better

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