5 Beginner Quick Tips for Growing Outdoor Weed

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  1. I have heard that organic soil grown , the microbes take care of the ph issues automatically unless the ph is abnormally high. I use rainwater and have not had issues 'that i know of' but i could always do better i imagine.

  2. Don't buy a pH from a hydroponics store. You'll pay quadruple for a piece of shit that requires constant calibration. Look to industrial/ commercial suppliers instead for reliable laboratory equipment instead. Oakton makes some nice, reliable pH pens in the neighbourhood of $60, that take a 3-point calibration. The only downside in my experience, is they gobble expensive pill batteries even when not in use, so remember to remove the batteries after the growing season.

  3. Excellent quick video for beginner I got a lot of good information on that just got to worry about the leave thing the 48 will they call it foliate whatever but anyway yeah good good video thank you

  4. I have a hot and dry climate and the temperature is from 40 to 45 degrees Celsius or 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Can I grow hemp under these conditions? And I'm going to put a covered cover of the plant to reduce the sun's temperature, will this method work? I really need help

  5. Don't worry, you don;t need to know most of the information provided here. Germinate seeds using paper towel method, plant in a medium of 3 parts potting mix to 1 part worm castings. Keep soil moist and reapply worm castings sparingly at week 4 or 6 depending on grow time and at flowering. No additional feeding required and no flush needed if using worm castings. You're good to go!

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