A Michelin Level Infused Dinner | Bong Appétit

Abdullah learns how to make weed wine and invites chef Marcel Vigneron to prepare cannabutter-basted beef cheek, …


  1. As a homebrewer that wine just sounds awful. That "dry hopping" method on red wine isn't gonna come out well. On top of that the sanitation and racking practices are just straight up painful to watch.

  2. Funny, that Cannabis was first used by Black and Mexican peoples, whom've been jailed for 20/30/40 years, Still are to this day….even murdered for it by police..(!!!!!), but now that it's "Okay", you only (mostly….that's what i notice from these videos..) find yt people in these gathering of the "Most Refined Dinners and Suppers, with the highest grades of herbs known to man with the Most Knowledgeable people" …
    Well done guys for (Not) perpetuating a system..
    ha haha.. hahaha … ha ..ha … ha …. ! ! !

  3. You know what I want? A seafood feast But all of it is bathed in Cannabis butter i'm talking lobster shrimp Muscles scallop
    And then to top it all off. A Sirloin stake that is beautifully Smothered in cannabis butter.

  4. It’s kinda seems like they never needed this wolf guy chef they just took over his ideas lol like dam dude I know u went to weed college but can I keep it traditional with a slight touch of that cbd distillate or wtv u want it’s my episode I feel like , they live in that kitchen so obviously they studying what they goin do the next day n basically waiting for the dude to pull up with his amazing ideas just for them to be like already activated this cold turkey you just gotta open the oven 😂😂😂

  5. I'm not a wine guy but in this case I'll take a case…. 😁🍷
    21:25 – We are very lucky to be alive right now when this is all happening…. I can't wait for mushrooms and cannabis to be combined and sold at gas stations and little Bodega shops or whatever they are called, that would be so sick. 😉😁

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