Beard Topics Live [Ep 33] Your Questions Answered! Ft Artius Man!

Dan C Bearded’s Beard Topics Live is a livestream on random days at random times, and cover different topics surrounding beard …


  1. Hey Dan, first time commenter. I'm 62 and I am growing a beard for the first time in my life. Now, it's coming in all white trashy like, similar to Joe dirt. Lol! I'm just letting it go baby! Found your channel, and join the vids.

  2. To the first question, as I don't think you addressed the part about him wanting to maintain good facial hygiene, I want to share my experience.

    I wash my face twice a day, but only wash my beard once a day. Every evening I use beard wash on my beard and facial soap solely on my upper cheeks, forehead and lower neck.

    Then the next morning I rinse my beard and again use facial soap just on the parts of my face where I don't have facial hair.

    This way I maintain good facial hygiene while not getting the facial soap in my beard. My beard is only washed once a day with a gentle daily beard wash.

    Hopefully this helps any others with similar concerns.

  3. It might be a cold miserable day in the Midwest, but nothing like a surprise Beard Topics Live to brighten up my day. Love these replays for the drive home after work. Great way to decompress after a long day. Truly appreciate these streams Dan!

    Thank you Artius Man for sponsoring today's episode! What a great way to end my Friday evening.

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