Benefits of Medical Marijuana with Dr. Rachna Patel – Wendy Myers

Dr. Rachna Patel talks to us this week about the benefits of Medical Marijuana and why you should avoid some types of Medical …


  1. I am not a fan of any doctor that would tell you that you should limit your self when taking Marijuana When this doctor fully understand that it is not additive as she would have you believe nor has there found to any truth that it is toxic in higher doses. The conception tho the contrary would make you believe that the plant is additive she visibly knows this is not true she works for big Pharma after all and her information some good and some not so good She would have you believe your pain is worse if you use in higher application and you should not have a tolerance to the plant but this also is not true. There is no additive parts of the plant that can hurt you she knows this and would inform you to use small doses without the THC because the THC is the daemon of the plant BS….you know it is BS and we all know your being payed by Big Pharma to say so…

  2. Im an avid Simpson oil supporter.I wish their was more conversation about that specifically.I recommend watching Run From the Cure documentary here on YouTube. Drs are VERY often wrong.Research isnt everything."Research" also says my vaccine injured autistic daughters vaccinations were totally safe and vaccines dont cause autism.So am I trusting of research? NO.

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