Biden Says Do Not “Disrupt’ to Cannabis Industry Lawsuit: Rescheduling Decision Coming Soon

The Biden administration is urging a federal court to put the brakes on a lawsuit filed by the cannabis industry that seeks to block …


  1. What if we don't want these organizations involved at all though? Where's our freedom to choose that? My natural medicine given to my by our Creator is absolutely not for sale! I don't want a government initity involved in MY rights to this plant. It's not been proven to be deadly so there's no reason for their involvement. As far as addiction goes, most are using substances to relieve stress and some aren't so healthy but the frequency of use isn't being used on addiction it's being based on how much stress you're experiencing at a given time. We can transcend into overuse in an attempt to escape this if it becomes overwhelming to us. I don't see that behavior as addictive behavior at all. I see it as someone in need of being rescued from that stress. Many wait until the substance the prefer is being overused then they believe the myth of it being addictive and go with it. These "professionals" have labeled that as addiction without researching that issue deeper. How else can you explain why so many things they say are addictive are on the rise I right alongside in increased stress from our lifestyle in America? WE ARE SELF MEDICATING WITH THESE THINGS ATTEMPTING TO ESCAPE THE HELLISH LIFESTYLE WERE LIVING IN. Yes some just use to try it or experiment but this link as if it's all so addictive…no not convinced here.

  2. I have a fundamental right to interact, use and experiment with any living plant or fungi as a means to nurture and self heal my body as a born native learning how to incorporate natural elements as tool to survive and thrive on my homeland.

  3. We do not have a fundamental right as American citizens to sell lemonade,
    even though it is a historical thing. People will claim anything that we have done for a long time, as a fundamental right.
    I agree with the attorney that we should teach in school, just the general definition of a fundamental right.
    We should teach in school The boundaries and limits to the different types of rights and clarify that there are definitely different types of rights and they all have their limits.

  4. Students For Life of America and other pro-life groups are going after birth control next. That includes the birth control pill. And they are pushing through two bills in the House and Senate that will make men/women on SSA to pay child support starting at conception. H.R.7052 and S.3622 are to amend part D of title IV of the Social Security Act. My advice guys is to think long and hard if you want to have kids or not. If you don't, get a vasectomy, and so there are no "OOPS!" follow your doctor's instructions to the letter. One man didn't and he ended up on a Paternity Court and come to find out, his didn't take!

  5. I liked the way the laws were outlined in the begining when ypu could legally buy it with a recomendation….. and it was SOPOSED to not be sold for money, but people got around that by requiring a "donation" which i thought was understandable, but kinda crappy and greedy if you actually were on chemo…. because its the ONLY thing that helps most people. I think that it was a pretty good way to regulate it… as a consumer anyway. Im not sure how that worked out for the shop owners or anyone else, though.

  6. 0:17: 🌿 Federal filing addresses rescheduling of cannabis, potential lawsuit dismissal, and upcoming decision.
    5:46: 🌿 Discussion of Controlled Substances Act, unconstitutional status of marijuana, and Massachusetts marijuana laws in relation to a lawsuit.
    11:07: ⚖️ Supreme Court case challenges fundamental right to access medical care, potentially impacting abortion rights.
    16:52: ⚖️ Discussion on the hypocrisy and legal challenges surrounding cannabis industry and rescheduling decision.
    22:07: 🌿 Biden urges not to disrupt cannabis industry lawsuit, promises rescheduling decision soon.
    27:54: 🌿 Discussion on the impact of cannabis industry regulations and testing on individuals.
    32:47: 🌿 Discussion on the challenges of changing cannabis laws in different states.
    38:20: 🌿 Discussion about cannabis strains, colors, and genetics in the industry. Plans for equipment upgrades mentioned.
    44:32: 📜 Discussion about challenges in social equity programs for cannabis industry lawsuit.
    50:01: ⚖️ Federal judge in Mississippi rules advertising ban on cannabis companies as unconstitutional, denying their First Amendment right.
    55:56: 💰 Discussion on cannabis industry financial strategies and risks.
    Recapped using Tammy AI

  7. It blows my mind that Poppy Seeds and Poppy Plants can be grown and still cause issues with opiod crisis, yet Marijuana is the "devil's lettuce" and people think it is an awful thing to take or use. I think we all need to be educated on things with the law. Because it is very apparent, things aren't easy in the law. I am still fuming about Ohio state saying that Gabapentin needs doctor approval because they think it is a way to "increase" your "high," even if you have refills left. Anyways, congress doesn't know what they are doing half the time. Our representatives aren't representing the general public anymore.

  8. Land of the free my ass…I can't think of a place less free….What the F happened to America? I can't buy land and do what I want on my land…not hurting anyone! Because of the government! You can't be free while being told what you can and can't do!

  9. We can just claim that the government is causing deprivation of rights under color of law ,Title 18 section 241 and 242
    The government only has the right to regulate commerce not to regulate fundamental rights

  10. I believe the injury to the people would be,
    not allowing a basic commodity.
    Are not allowing unenumerated unalienable rights to stand .
    The people have rights without needing contracts or permissions .
    People have right to work , people have right to movement, they have right to medicine that is natural, people have rights to rights.
    Without prejudice

  11. remember that the constitution for the United States of America is a list of limits on government not a list of rights for the people .
    The people are sovereign and have unenumerated unalienable rights not listed .
    The problem here is commerce and privacy ..
    Public versus private

  12. They can only regulate what is in commerce people have the right in their private capacities to do what they want.
    So let’s remove it out of the commercial capacity and into the individual jurisdiction of privacy .

  13. Don't forget Medicaid , it's paid for by both Feds. And State. Republican's REFUSING to expand Medicaid here in Mississippi. Hacking Election's , never get Rec. Until rectify. Dobb's has a Republican Governor that Cottified and Secured Women's Abortion Right's. Governor Kirk Fordice. We even voted it out when the State tried to control it through initiative. One Lawsuit could Throw out the Whole thing. YEA but t;hey screwed us on the 65 initiative , full legal scared the SHIT out of the State 74% OF the vote…….Keep up good work……working on Membership you have saved me Thousands…….

  14. My brother in christ… abortion is a fundamental right??? you lost me there. you say its a violation of the fundamental right of privacy to not allow a mother to get rid of her unborn baby. yikes. I do not agree

  15. Indiana drug its feet on Sunday alcohol sales unfortunately I feel they will do the same thing for cannabis whether it’s medical or recreational for adults over 21. Indiana just sucks. I should say the people that run it suck.

  16. Its beyond insane that Marijuana is scheduled as dangerous as heroin, meth, or coke. It's better for more health problems and severe pain problems, while Big Pharma medications were and are purposely made to create worse side effects, and kill more people yearly than illegal drugs do!! I had to have both shoulders completely cut out and reverse reconstructed out of titanium rod's with hunting arrows shoved into the bone marrow and titanium ball's to imitate the shoulder joints, because both rotator cuff's tore completely off the bone's so no muscles or tendons could be saved, so called Dr's kept me addicted to 180mgs of Oxycontin 3 times a day for over 30yrs, when even the drug companies say it shouldn't be used for longer than 10yrs. Finally N.D. got medical Marijuana a few year's ago and I've still have pain but its 50% better than the Oxycontin ever did.
    Look at booze, the only reason booze was legalized was because the mob and influencential politicians new how rich they'd get, like old man Kennedy!! Marijuana and hemp are worth billions on the market if legalized, its great for clothes, soap, candles, paper, and many more sellable products besides a better and safer medicine. There's no good reason for not making it legal Federally as well as the states.

  17. Cannabis investors… You need this weed quasi legal to make money. It Hass to be fascist or the free market will destroy this government. Wall Street grown weed.
    The free market will produce better quality… Natural pure, organic beautiful weed while these jokers growing it now are using growth, hormones, andchemicals and who knows what to produce gigantic profits for shareholders.
    So investors… You don’t want it legal. Thank God the people are total sheep also. They never ask questions… They deserve what they’re getting.

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