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  1. Having a previous dog suffer from seizures their entire life I would definitely do things different now in 2024 with the wealth of information we have been given on the internet. The first thing I would have done is put my dog on a raw diet. At the time three was very little information about raw diets and how they can help so many of our dogs health issues. If you are needing to learn how to feed a raw diet check out this online training course that will teach you all you need to know to transition your dog from kibble to raw at any stage of life.
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  2. The whole push to legalize Cannabis was based on people who suffered seizures. Colorado was one of the first states that allowed children with seizures, to participate in CBD trials. I can't find the documentary, but children suffering from grand Mall seizures, were helped significantly from CBD therapy. Please do your research on the company's that produce your CBD products, these can help your pet, but there is a lot of "CBD" products out there that are worthless.

  3. My silky was diagnosed with seizures and was prescribed meds. After taking him to a vet with better equipment, we found out he had an enlarged heart that was putting pressure on his lungs. Sadly he had to be put down.

  4. Our CC baby girl had seizures. She was 14 months when we called it due how severe they were and how often and uncontrollable they were. We noticed the first seizure at about 7 months, and they just got worse and more frequent even under vet care and on meds. The night she passed she wasn't even able to recover from one before the next would come. Our hearts were completely broken.

  5. My 14 year old yorkie suffers from seizures since he was a year old. When we took him in, they diagnosed him with epilepsy. He was prescribed medication and I hated how lethargic it made him, so I chose to find other options for him. First we decided to change his food. Little did I know, there were outside sources that would trigger his seizures. Number one cause was flea medication. Miko went through a stint of having a seizure almost every day, and his seizures would last from an hr to an hr and a half off and on. About 8 yrs ago, I finally got prescribed Zonisamide for him and it’s helped.. But with the help of CBD oil, it definitely helped with the frequency of it… I switched him to raw foods last year… and with the combination of his meds, CBD and the raw diet, he’s probably had 4 seizures the entire year all lasting about 1-2 minutes at most.

  6. We owned a 2lb yorkie who had grand mal seizures. Because she never grew as she was meant to, we believe it was the source of her epilepsy. The seizures were too severe to be controlled by the minimal dosage her exceptionally tiny body could handle. We tried all we could, but ultimately, we developed a lifestyle geared toward protecting her from unsafe environments, should she seize and be injured by unstable surroundings.

    What I would have given to have had cbd as an accessible option at that time. I do believe it would have changed so much for my sweet girl.

    In spite of the seizures, there are sooooooo many reasons to embrace a dog with epilepsy. Yep, it'll be marked with some scary moments, but those darling babies are fighters, and it's a privilege to share their journey❤ I can all but guarantee any owner who takes their pet's quality of life seriously would be a better person and pet parent, having gone through the experience.

  7. You're right. It's absolutely terrifying. My black lab had a seizure at my feet when he was about 5 years old. Luckily my vet told me to bring him right in. It was a one time occurrence thank God, but I've kept an eye o hi. Ever since. He's an old boy now, 12 1/2 years old and we take it day by day. It was an absolutely terrifying day though

  8. My chihuahua had idiopathic seizures from the age of 2and a half till her death on Christmas Day 2023 from an extreme seizures at 3 and a half…. I did EVERYTHING possible… every med at exact timing every test … and she still passed because you can’t stay awake 24/7 … and like Bruce the issue started with the flea/ tick meds ….

  9. Listen Jason we understand that you almost lost Bruce Wayne but he is still with you right now and you pray to God for that and you have all of your subscribers all the support and we all will continue to support you and the for the dogs. But Jason you just have to stop the whinning and other things about you wanting to feel sorry for you and the dogs. Again everyone doesn't want anything for just your dogs or any person's pets out there but please stop the whinning and sympathy for that you want from all of us. Again you have all of our support for anything but just please stop the stories. 😊

  10. It’s horrendous watching your dog have a seizure especially for the first time. Our family dog has had them all her life (very rarely now due to medication) but it never doesn’t break your heart 🤍 you just feel more equipped to know what to do so you can be as calm as possible for them.

  11. If anyone wants to learn from an expert on food therapy using fresh wholesome foods, she has almost four decades of experience she is a holistic veterinarian and has extensive holistic nutrition schooling degrees, she is also our pet advocate, I highly suggest Dr Judy Morgan. Most of her information is free education, she produces videos after videos after videos on youtube and on her webpage her classes are unbelievably available at low prices and invaluable. I have been learning from her for years and thanks to her she helped me recently save my Beloveds from the mysterious illness, mostly I know for a fact it was because what I learned from her with holistic food. I almost lost two Beloveds, but she helped me get them through it and strong once again. She is the best in my opinion and there are so many she has helped.

  12. Hi i had a puppy corso who at 8 months started with head tremors ….which specialist said could be idiopathic head tremors or idiopathic epilepsy….said it was best to re scan him with mri scan as all test including spine fliud came back clear.
    But 2 months on his whole body started tremors to unfortunately he was put to sleep at 11.6 months he had a degenerative brain .

  13. Yes, my Hina (Pitty), she was on Previcox for years for chronic pain from a blown-out knee and her surgery didn't exactly help rid the pain, long story, but when CBD became legal in Mexico I slowly over three months took her off the Previcox using the CBD. In short, her liver was complaining, and she started having seizures on the Previcox and I am soooooo grateful for CBD it is saving her life she has been using CBD for over a year and we have never looked back for her chronic knee pain, she is like a puppy again, play play play. And on CBD she not only has no pain but has not had seizures since putting her on CBD.

  14. For my previous CC, who was almost 10 years old, this was a death sentence. He went down hill, quick, started having seizures and within a month was gone. Vets were useless, had no idea what was wrong with him. Treated him for all kinds of B.S., his bloodwork was perfect. I didn’t know what was going on, first it was just him gazing and drooling, he seemed very lethargic and stopped eating, eventually he had a major seizure and completely lost his mobility… I didn’t want him to suffer any longer, and decided to call a service that came to my house and had him put down surrounded by his family. It was the best I could do for him in such a situation. This is before I learned everything I could about seizures in dogs. Going through this was f@cking awful, feeling absolutely helpless and hopeless. Now I know what to look for. My dogs aren’t on any unnecessary flea and tick meds, minimal vaccinations, premium foods, low stress lifestyle. Hope to never have to go through this experience again, it almost broke me. Best wishes to you and yours. 🖤

  15. Lost my corso at 16 months old. Took him to the vet neurologist and could never get them under control. He had cluster seizures, could never pinpoint why either. We tried so many different meds, did diet changes, cbd but none of them would work. Heartbroken still. 💔

  16. I had a st. Bernard poodle mix, his name was Gabriel the breeder told me the parents was health tested. Sadly shortly after he turned 2 he was diagnosed with mmm (masticatory muschle myositis) I thought I was going to lose him, than he got better and than he relapsed which he had a 27% chance of him having a relapse. Within less than a year in December and I was hopeful but sadly had to say goodbye to him, I miss him dearly but I'm thankful he's no longer suffering. I love watching you guys.

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