Colorado Girl Who Pioneered Medical Marijuana for Seizures Dies After Battling Coronavirus

Charlotte Figi, the Colorado girl who pioneered medical marijuana for seizures, died after a battle with coronavirus, according to …


  1. This is absolutely heartbreaking, but it should be noted she tested negative for COVID and actually passed from compilations of a seizure, likely induced by her illness. Any type of virus, flu, etc, not just COVID can make epileptics much more susceptible to breakthrough siezures. Let’s please keep the reports accurate as I imagine people think she passed from pneumonia caused by COVID as many have seen the images circulating of people in the ICU. The facts are she had a siezure that made her go into cardiac arrest. Until it is definitively confirmed, lets make sure the reporting is responsible and accurate and not sensationalize what is happening in the world right now. This little girl was a true pioneer, showing the gift of CBD which will go on to help countless lives. It gave her a chance to be a kid, and with Dravet Syndrome, she was given many more years because of CBD and she also created worldwide awareness about the health benefits of cannabis. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family

  2. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that comfort and peace be upon her family in this time of greatest loss and sorrow.

    May this child come to receive her rightful place at your hand, and forever know peace in the kingdom of Heaven.

    Bless you child.


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