Congress’ Jaw-dropping Response To Groundbreaking Cannabis Rescheduling Recommendation!

Now that the memo suggesting cannabis be rescheduled has made its rounds, reactions from both sides of the aisle are coming …


  1. Aaaand… Still, just more Talk!!! Corrupt Communists continue to use Marijuana Laws to control "The People"! It's another weapon against "The People"! A militarized and psychological weapon against "The People"! Meanwhile, Big Pharm is mass producing Pills with Death, "side effects"! 10's of thousands are dieing daily because of the effects and side effects of alcohol! Considering all of the research on Marijuana… there's isn't any logical excuse for Marijuana to be illegal and having it classed in the same category as Herion, Fentanyl, Cocaine and Amphetamines is blatant ignorance at a level of pure stupidity!

  2. maybe you guys can interview from Pennsylvania Jeff Riedy from Lehigh County Chapter of Norml, Lawyer Patrick Nightingale from Pittsburg NORML, and Zachary Uzupis from Bucks County Chapter of Norml?

  3. When consumed raw cannabis is a super food, a preventive of sickness. It will cut into the money if folks find this out. Live longer with less sickness. They want us to pay in 50 years then get sick and die. Then they take your estate and sale it for medical bills. Gen 129. Google it folks

  4. The only reason for politicians to not deschedule cannibis is the same reason they demanded and forced citizens to take the fauci ouchy,PROFIT,

  5. You all are crazy pushing schedule woul be making it a felony to possess it without a prescription. Lortab is scheduled 3 its a felony if u get caught with one in your pocket it would have to be a 4 or 5 to help

  6. I was always confused about why Congress is asking DEA to change the scheduling. I always thought it was the lawmakers that could make changes. You were confirming it with this live broadcast. Thanks 🙂

  7. Im 19 and im terrified of the idea of being arrested over THCa. These laws are bullshit. It doesnt help that they are so confusing either. I got it and just today realized nobody said it was legal to smoke. Just legal to ship.

  8. It's ridiculous that government doesn't realize the amount of taxes that would boost our economy by leaps and bounds, and it's
    100 x's safer than alcohol, tobacco and Big Pharma medications!! Hemp should be brought back as a farming crop, it can make clothes that will last year's longer than any clothing made, plus so many other salable products for consumers.

  9. 0:20: 🌿 Congress' surprising reaction to significant cannabis rescheduling recommendation and upcoming guest on the show.
    4:54: 🌿 Congress' surprising reaction to the DEA's cannabis rescheduling recommendation and the confusion over their authority.
    9:49: 🤔 Discussion on lack of understanding of laws by Congress members and the need for better eligibility criteria for running for Congress.
    14:15: 🚫 Controversial legislation linking cannabis to suicide, promoted by non-experts, raises concerns.
    19:44: 🌿 Kentucky's recent developments in medical cannabis legalization and regulations.
    24:22: 💼 Corporate lawyer discusses transitioning from litigation to transactional work and business development.
    28:49: 🚖 Challenges between traditional taxis and ride-sharing apps, along with regulatory and legal issues.
    33:25: ⚖️ Congress reacts to cannabis rescheduling recommendation with surprising response.
    38:14: 💡 Discussion on potential changes in cannabis regulation, including the impact on THC content and the entry of alcohol distributors into the market.
    42:55: 🌿 Discussion on the need to redefine the distinction between hemp and marijuana and the potential benefits of allowing widespread cannabis cultivation.
    47:43: 🌿 Discussion on the popularity of purple strains and their effects, along with a game of 'name that strain'.
    52:32: 🌿 Texas Attorney General sues cities over marijuana policies, sparking debate on local enforcement of cannabis laws.
    57:42: 🌿 FDA approved hemp seeds for hens at egg Farms and the potential involvement of FDA in regulating hemp products.
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  10. Gassy/Fuel notes are not coming from the regular terpenes like mercene. Science just is recently learning how it’s volitle sulfur compounds called Thiols which are giving weed the skunky/gassy/garlic/and more.
    These compounds aren’t tested for in COA’s, and they easily disappear when bud loses its freshness/or strored improperly.

  11. everything is going to change soon! we are going back to the original constitution and common law! Maritime Law and the act of 1871 is all fraudulent< Trump is destroying all that corrupt crap! if you didn't know, you do now!

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