Does CBD Damage the Liver? Latest Research. Doctor Jack Episode 37

Thank you for checking out this video! You are awesome! I am Doctor Jack, a board-certified anesthesiologist & pain management …


  1. I wish you would do an update now taking into account the most recent data. I’m particularly interested in the benefits vs side effects at ‘reasonable doses’. I don’t know what these doses are – just started using it for ch. back pain as mono therapy to replace the codeine compounds which I suspect I will become accustomed to eventually.

  2. I suspect so. After quiting drinking my hemorroid problem completely disappeared. After a month of CBD they are back with a vengance. I suspect all things hemp/marijuana related don't agree with me though.

  3. I guess for me is not does CBD cause damage. But does it cause less damage that the. Muscle relaxants Sumatran. Panadol ostio and anti inflammatorys i was previously taking.

  4. if this is the case what do you suggest for people who want to use CBD for anxiety? what dosage do you recommend for a 200 lb male age 35? i have taken the suggested dose on the bottle but it does nothing

  5. The absolute cynic in me wonders if some "studies" are actually just manipulative exercises in demonizing a non patentable plant phytochemical that certain pharmaceutical interests don't want to challenge their profits. Why? Because the design of any study can be geared in such a way as to lead to "worrying" findings, which are then conveniently publicized in an over the top way by mainstream media outlets. Giving astronomical doses to these test mice – relative to a proportional mg amount per kg in human body weight – will almost inevitably result in abnormal lab results, but the equivalent doses would never be used by a human being. Always remember there IS a history of big pharma adopting certain strategies when a new, natural competitor arrives on the scene – if they cannot outlaw a plant that threatens their revenues, the goal is to isolate some aspect of its biochemistry, patent it, and only make it available through official channels at an extortionate cost. That is how much they fear the therapeutic aspects of cbd.

  6. Hello D : I have chronic pain that (Tingling and muscle spasms) in all my body . This pain is not high or severe we can say 3 degree from 10 and this pain is moving
    What you advice for start dose of CBD or THC ?

  7. What I get from these studies is the government or company funding the studies say lets have the lab rats or people in the study take a super high dose no one would take so it can effect the liver badly so we can prove that CBD is bad and everyone that takes CBD overdoses because the Government and Big Pharma don't want this on the market not only because it will take place of many Big Pharma drugs, but because we hate Trump and he was the readon the government made the 2018 farm bill and made CBD federally legal.

  8. I have never understood the massive dosing in testing idea. Seems like anything given in such high doses would be carcinogenic… doesn't make sense and seems counterproductive.

  9. I love your videos Dr. Jack. I have recently started using CBD from Green Compass and find it is helping me SO much cope with multiple chronic pain issues (RA, degenerative disc disease/herniated discs, etc.). Prior to losing weight I had (have)fatty liver disease, borderline NASH. My liver looks really good now and I only need to follow with hepatologist annually. Meanwhile, I have my liver enzymes checked frequently by my rheumatologist. They have never been better…and I've been using CBD for a year. So, in my case, it seems that despite having gained back some of my weight – my liver enzymes seem to be getting better, if anything. Go figure.

  10. Thank you for clearing this up, doctor! (:

    I use CBD for liver disease and it helps inflammation. My hepatologist even said it seems to be causing some reversal of my disease after 2 months. My liver enzymes are within normal range after just 6 weeks of using CBD or hemp oil after they were previously quite high. Seems like it's a positive thing in my opinion. 👍

    I suggest lemon water, high potency milk thistle, ACV, and a very healthy diet, (mostly fruits, legumes and vegetables), for those with liver disease.

  11. I like this video and I think it's very detailed. And I'm also glad you called out project CBD which I had followed for years before that report you posted came out.

    With the actual FDA approved CBD being around 20 to 30 mg per human and with the market being taken whatever you know because a gummy is what 25 mg usually.

    But my point to bring up and I've been saying this for like 4 years is that people say it doesn't mess up your liver because the mice studies are overdosing the mice and my reply is well most people seeking out CBD are already on some kind of medication that they want to get off of because they're hoping CBD helps. So then you have to go into the cyp 450 and realize that if you're taking that medication and you are blocking the metabolism of that medication or slowing it down you have a problem when there is more of that medication in your system.

    The second problem is then you have to explain to your doctor that doesn't believe in holistic or anything with CBD or something they think is a scheduled drug even though it could be from hemp and saying hey where am I at.

    So if you are someone that is taking medication and you want to actually get off that medication and start taking CBD I advise and I'm not a medical doctor or even anything in the medical field regular test.

    I am someone that did take the oil for a while without taking anything else and I will come out and say that three things I noticed was that caffeine would last forever, CBD doesn't work like hey opioid or benzo, and last is you have to trust the COA that you get from your vendor.

    I had high hopes for this you know because I was really into askwanda as well, but if you look at the research in papers it also can cause liver inflammation or damage.

    And also know things can work great for you for the way you feel but when you have those tests and you see what's going on it's not a pretty sight so. I like the video but I still don't think there's an answer if someone's already on medication for the problem they're trying to fix.

  12. Dr. Jack, thank you for such great and science based information. I've just started following you, but LOVE everything so far. I personally work for a research Hemp CBD company and educate veterinarians for a living and I get a lot of these questions (obviously human and dog anatomy is different but there is some crossover). I love your professionalism when it comes to speaking on these hard topics and how you present everything from different sources in depth, yet easy for the average person to understand. I'd love to see more videos like this on different topics and findings in these various studies.

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