Does CBD Work On My Dog? | The Scoop

In this episode of The Scoop, we find out if CBD can help dogs with anxiety. Use discount code SCOOP20 at …


  1. When the dog started barking at the vacuum after the dosing, its tail was wagging. Tail wagging indicates the dog is happy or feeling playful. Anxious or scared dogs usually have their tail down or tucked between their legs.
    Mops relaxing in the car was a good indicator that the CBD was working.

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  3. The dog probably isn’t “afraid” of the vacuum, they run at a frequency that annoys most dogs… kinda like when they howl at sirens. They (vacuums) can irritate a dogs hearing, most will get over it and tolerate it, mine leaves the room…he used to bark at it while it was running, like he was “afraid” of it…then he realized that wouldn’t stop it, so now he leaves the room.

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