Epilepsy In Dogs: 9 facts you NEED to know

If you’re wondering what the causes of epilepsy in dogs are, what the treatment might be and if there are any side effects then this …


  1. My dog has them started at 3yrs he on phenobarbital he always have them while he is sleeping, he has one about a month . I want to try CBD OIL. But the vet i have has no information about it. Other than that he a very happy energetic. Anyone have any suggestions on CBD for this

  2. I have adopted dog i don't know his furparents. He come in my place the Labrador neighbors dog fight him im so sad at him so that i was adopted him and take care of him but every 2 days he has a seizure at first im so scared and sad about his situation. I think the real owner abandoned him because of his seizure and he never barking.

  3. I really enjoyed your video . I felt comforted and now I feel well educated. I have a 2 year old cocker spaniel. yesterday was his second seizure duration was around 2 min. His first seizure was 2 months ago. I personally blame SIMPARICA TRIO for these two seizures but I am not quite sure. I plan on stopping the medication and hoping for the best.

    symptoms/ observations on my dog
    -before seizure began had diarrhea
    -did not want to go to sleep
    -seeking attention
    -rubbing eyes (seizure about to start)
    -no control of his body
    -would curl up in a ball and paddle with his back legs. front paws were stiff
    -eyes would be dazed out in space
    -no chomping with mouth or foam
    -poop while having the seizure and did pee
    -(after seizure )threw up.

  4. I believe my 4.5 yr old Yorkie is starting to have seizures. The first time I saw him acting weird was the first time I took him to a dog beach. There was so many dogs so I thought it was due to stress, the following week we took him out to a park but as I was putting him in the car I noticed his tongue was getting purple was panting too much and his body started getting stiff. I panicked and almost fainted with him I didn’t know what to do so I poured water in his body because it was very hot and little by little he started getting better. Few months ago he was playing with my other dogs and all of a sudden he ran towards me really scared and as i held him his front legs started getting stiff I ran outside to let him catch some fresh air and started rubbing his body trying to calm him down and less than a minute he went back to normal. A week later it happened again and now here we are… it’s happening every two days. I can’t sleep anymore. I can’t go to work because I don’t want to leave him alone I can’t stop crying and I get so depressed I just want to die. We already took him to a regular vet and we even took him to the ER and the doctors don’t think it’s seizures. They think he’s having anxiety attacks since he knows exactly what’s going on. I talk to him and he listens he looks around and he even growls to our other dog while he was having that episode and right away after he has that we put him down on the floor and he starts running around and playing. The vet prescribed Gabapentin and he’s been taking it for two weeks and I don’t see any improvement. He is eating and drinking, peeing and pooping normal. He was more playful without the medicine now he sleeps more and he is more calm but the episodes keep happening. He has an appointment next month with a neurologist but I don’t want to wait that long. Since the regular vet doesn’t think it’s seizures but I do think it is should I ask them to prescribe seizure medicine? Would it hurt him if it’s really not seizures? Please help!!! I don’t know what to do I’m in so much stress right now. 💔😭😭😭 I’m going to the vet later today I just want them to give me a different medicine so my doggy can be fine.

  5. Thank you for sharing fact 4. We’ve tried phenobarbital first which worked well for about 6 month but started getting regular (monthly) breakthrough episodes. We’re now on a combo of zonisamide and bromide, recently we increased the bromide due to increasing number of breakthrough episodes. It’s been a couple months since then which was working, but had another event tonight. It breaks my heart that such a perfect puppy has to deal with this.

  6. My greyhound died during a seizure this week. He was 8 1/2 years old. I heard a loud noise and his legs were rigid and neck stretched out. Then screaming. Tongue out, bleeding from mouth. From the moment I heard the seizure till death about 3 minutes.

    14 months earlier one night when he was using the bathroom outside he screamed and came inside crashing into everything and appeared blind for the next 6 months. Then vision back.

    But I never saw him have a seizure except the very violent one at his death. 😭

    I miss him so much. Any idea why a fatal seizure. All health was good, check up 2 months ago.

  7. My Dog has started having fits he’s on medication now but why our the fits always in the mornings. He’s been great lately nearly back to his old self but yesterday he has a fit in the morning and again this morning but never in the day or evening anybody know why 🙏

  8. My dog just started having seirzure this morning around 9 am, one at 7 pm and another one at 9 pm how can I help her if I don't have the money to take her to the doctor 😢

  9. Thank you so much for your time and this video. My 4 y/o golden had his first two seizures 5 hours apart 3 days ago and was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. I have spoken to two vets (emergent and non emergent) and been scouring the internet for information to understand and be prepared. This video has brought me the most comfort. Your demeanor is very calming when speaking of a tough diagnosis and you provide hope. I definitely have my worries but will remain positive and hopeful that we can get this under control. Thank you!

  10. My brothers dog tht I kinda see as my own dog just had a frantic uncontrolled movement…like he stretched out his legs and he was in a stiff position and kept tumbling over and then kept backing up and shaking frantically he looked very scared. He's a few months old. He's an Akita..I'm not sure if it was a seizure or not. Someone please help me with advice

  11. Our 11yr old boxer Bailey blessed our home about 10yrs ago. Growing up with g/kids, whom he absolutely adores has defined him as the ultimate clown.
    Taps for this guy is promptly at 9pm unless at gathering either home or elsewhere, as true social butterfly loves to mingle and flirt w/people. He has been having uncomfortable nights of sleep however, cradling his hind legs and rocks back & forth, at times more violently, ever since we got him. Early diagnosed with level 3 heart murmur due to birth defect/leaky heart valve, have been bringing him to local cardiologist every year for EKG & ultrasound to keep him in check.
    Doctor never prescribing any meds and this guy being my first boxer I thought all that just part of breed.
    Important note, above episodes happen only while asleep, after I'd pat or wake him, he'd be ok, back to normal.
    Early morning one month ago while out in the yard, vomits profusely then after few walking steps his legs just gave out from under him drops on lawn and started having a convulsive, Exorcist type, foam at the mouth seizure.
    Horrible experience, but luckily only lasted 10-12 seconds with Bailey slowly bouncing back to normal enough condition to devour his b/fast of couple scrambled eggs w/feta cheese, rice and some veggies better-half whipped up for him about half hour later. Doubly concerned of kidney/liver disease from vomit was lucky enough to have Bailey's vet Dr Mazza, who's always right on every time, at the Angell Memorial up here in Beantown schedule a physical w/blood work, etc. which came back normal last week btw and also an appt w/neurologist for his first ever epileptic seizure.
    Have to commend YouTube and your site for plethora of valuable info.
    Thank you kindly

  12. My dog is 1 1/2 to 2, female, Shepard/Husky. She's only been seen by a ver once, before I got her 6 months ago. She was given 65.8mg phenobarbital (2x daily), and 500mg potassium bromide at 750mg 2x daily. I was first told not to give them to her, which was fine for a couple months. but then the seizures started. They are in clusters of a couple minutes long, and another within a minute or two, which lasts about 15 minutes to 45 minutes. She has episodes about a month apart. I was told that they thought it may have been brought on by arguing. She tries to spot the phenobarbitol pill out.
    Is it common to start with such a high dosage? She hasn't had potassium for 2 months, and it doesn't seem to have changed anything

  13. My dog has had many seizures and is taking around 20 pills a day. He had 4 of them in one day just the other day. Today he has been very off balance and wobbly and very flimsy I guess is the word. If you have any ideas for this pleas let me know

  14. My small poodle had his first seizure at the age of six. I realized that it began with a few shots of vaccines and anti tick medication. He got it all at the same time and I am really convinced that it was the trigger of it. I also noticed that he had more seizures when he was left alone at home while I was at work so it can also be mental triggers. Instead of giving him medication from the vet I started to give him some cannabis oil and turmeric which really helped a lot. He haven't had a seizure ever since

  15. My dog gets seizure altleast twice a month i took him to vet medicines are not working at all its 2am here he is getting seizure. Can you give some natural method to control it.

  16. We adopted our boy when he was 4 so we didn't know his history. Witnessing him having a seizure was traumatic until the vet explained why etc. He now knows he can trust me and when he is about to have a seizure he tries to get to me as quickly as possible so i can hold him. I apply a firm but not suffocating amount of pressure to him by holding him almost in a hug. This reassures him he is safe and also prevents him from trying to move and walk. I speak softly to him and let him know that it's almost over, because at this point I generally know how long it lasts. When he has overcome the worst I release him an allow him to get comfortable. I wait another few minutes and then feed him a little water with a syringe. His mouth gets extremely dry and I can see that this is unpleasant for him. I give him about 10ml of water just enough to create some moisture in his mouth. When he settles to lay down I cover him with his blanket and he takes a 20 minute nap with me at his side. Seizures are traumatic and it tires him. After about 30 minutes he is back to his normal self again.

  17. I was at my grandmas home and i already knew for like a year that her dog has epilepsy but tonight was the first time ive experienced a seizure of her and it we’re 3 seizures every half an hour of so

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