1. 2… I am totally here for the reaction. 😂 I am here for the honest sarcastic humor ❤ Love your videos so much 🤗 OMG: PSA: Stay in School or be a Chantalamus ⛩️💩⛩️🕺💩🤳💻💩

  2. Hi Shelly! I was wondering what brand & name of the barrel that you used in your hair yesterday? I have a beach waver but it’s looser. It only lasts for a day. I have super thick, long, wavy/curly hair 😃 My daughter is a hair dresser & color specialist. I had red & purple hair for years & it’s finally out of my hair. She did it a chocolate brown $ highlights. I love it! Thanks, I want to try a different tool😃

  3. My Sophie Girl (she was a Shih Tzu) developed arthritis in her hips later in life. My vet is also into holistic remedies and CBD worked wonders for Sophie, for years. Lost my girl years ago, but now my elderly kitty has arthritis but CBD, didn't work. However, great newer med called Solensia (once a month injection) is a miracle. My Sasha (16yrs) is back to being able to jump on sofa and bed. Hope vet finds out what's wrong with your boy. He's a cutie.

  4. I for sure wish she’d return to Canada and end this weird arc… she was far more entertaining in Canada… but for me the “fun Chantal “ rarely made an appearance.. she was generally just as unlikable… talking about food… eating… laying in bed also talking about food. 🙄

  5. when did her face get so badly swollen that just talking caused those white spots to appear and ever so slowly go away. ~chantal~, r u trying on purpose to hurt yourself into a dirt nap with food/rage? girl, go to a dr right now. i mean i know u won't. but for my own concious i had to say it u know….🙀

  6. Whoever said they were getting night sweats there’s a cream called wild yam cream. One finger tip rubbed into the forearm and or stomach twice a day. Morning and night helps those night sweats SOOO MUCH!!
    Be sure to alternate arms!
    Also flax seed supplements is full of phytoestrogens and helps too.
    It changed my life! So if you’re suffering. Try these!! And thank me later! 🤍

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