Growing In The Smallest Setup!

Our Smallest grow yet! How big of a plant can we grow in a 2×2 from @acinfinity We chose the @ViparSpectra XS2000 as the best …


  1. I just put a bunch of snow in my dirt where the seeds are planted…. Im trying something. I sprouted a plant outside in 40 degree weather last year with nighttime temps at 30 degrees and my sister told me a story about someone she knew who spilled seeds one winter and the plants grew in the spring.

  2. So was this a video to promote those products that they most likely sent you, or was it how to grow in a 2×2 tent? Cause it seems like both of you guys don't know how to grow but you made sure you pointed out the tent company and light company. I can help you guys and maybe you can help me on how you got the stuff to promote and if they pay you on view count it do they just pay you cash to promote it regardless of platform size. Tiktok would be a better place to promote I think.

  3. Man I would love a girl like you. Very pretty and likes to grow weed…lol. I can answer any questions you have. Once the seedling pops up and it's in fox farm you don't need to feed it at all yet. You probably should've just left the seedling in the little cup cause it's all about the size of the buckets relative to how much light you have. You could've let that grow in that cup for s couple weeks then transplant it. Don't over water and don't use too many nutrients. You'd be surprised at how long they can go without water and without food. If you water too much and don't have good soil, it'll get wet and stay wet and you'll get root rot and kill your plant. You can grow probably 2 plants and get about a quarter pound to a half a pound of weed. The grow boss is a really good channel with the best and most accurate information. He tells it like it is and some people think he's a dick but some people don't wanna listen to him and he gets mad cause he knows not people kill their shit and stop growing. I like growing even when I'm not smoking cause I love the hobby. Today my state will probably get recreational weed passed!!

  4. They just read something or watch videos and try to copy. No real understanding of the plant and the chemistry thats going on. They are not enthusiastic they just want money for all these stupid product placements…never go for expensive brands. Buy something for tomatoes and you are good to go. Or just go hydro.

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  6. I just can’t seem to warm up to auto’s. The thought of taking a great cultivator & breeding with a hemp plant that makes me cringe. I’ve had a closet grow for 30+ years off & on, so all my experience is with phototropic cultivars. I know what to do to maximize yield but what can you do with auto’s to maximize yield? Plant more seeds?

  7. Hi guy's,
    Sorry i just need to reconfirm to be sure (for futur purchase) …the grow light you mention the " vipar spectra XS2000" 2ft (60cm) x 4ft (120cm) fit in the 2ft (60cm) x 2ft (60cm) grow tent!? 7:16 thank for your feedback

  8. Total novice, beginner and have never grown before, but can you guys recommend tent kits that include everything you need basically to get up and running? I'm assuming AC Infinity is one of them. Not even sure yet if im going to give it a whirl and whether it would be a kit or a diy grow closet.

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