HempRX and Treatibles Hemp Oil For Dogs Review | Dog Training Nation

Hemp oil provides amazing results for many dogs with arthritis, seizures and anxiety. However, hemp oil often comes with a hefty …


  1. Any body can answer my question im from philippines cbd oil and hemp oil is the same. Cbd oil i can't find it but hemp oil is avaikable here in philippine. Thank you for posting this video, you give me hope for my dog because he has canine distemper virus he survive now he can not walk.

  2. Thank you for posting this video. I took my dog to a natural vet and she prescribed HempRx Forte, I was shocked that a 2oz bottle cost me $180! After the fact I was thinking that perhaps I was scammed since I see a bunch of hemp oils on Amazon for 1/3rd the price. But now I see that it has to do with the potency as well as quality. HempRx Forte contains 1800mg of cannaboids which is in line costwise with other more potent formulas that I see out there. I will check out the Treatibles caps.

  3. Hemp CBD oil is now legal in all 50 states; vet prescriptions are no longer needed. Another great product to add to the mix would be a USDA organic unrefined coconut oil that is extra virgin cold pressed. Great for degenerative neurological disorders, seizures, digestion issues etc. I'm still trying to figure out the difference between hemp seeds, hemp oil, CBD hemp oil & CBD oil 😟 😞 😣 ???

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