How to Grow your Cannabis PURPLE!

How to grow purple cannabis Did you know that many roses that have extremely vibrant colours aren’t naturally that colour? No.


  1. 3 ways to make your weed purple:

    1 – Colder temp at night like the video explained

    2 – Genetics

    3 – Starving the plant of phosphorus. I have seen a couple of growers do this outside during warm months and the plants did in fact turn purple.

  2. About 50% of my Agent Orange plants have purple buds. Afghani leaves will turn purple with colder temperatures. My outdoor plants were subjected to frost (27F) last night. Four hours later no serious damage but there was an increase in purple leaves

  3. if your plant does start turning purple outdoor late in the fall like late october early november chop it the purple leaves will do fine in the cold the green leaves will mold out in the cold.

  4. Purple buds are bad from the plant turning purple because of how hot it gets so it changes colors some people say it’s the cold most Indica are all purple like granddaddy purple and people have use the genetics to cross them and create these hybrids that now have more Indica dominate genetics which will turn it more purple🔥

  5. This seems correct. Biggest factor beyond genetics ofc is going to be temps. My grow tent gets down to like 59F from about 75F during the light cycle. I’ve noticed nice bluing/purpling as soon as it hit the budding stage (with this indoor grow). Last outdoor grow it was the same, the purpling started in September/October when we would get some decently low night time temps.

  6. Im growing " forbidden fruit " its half cherry pie and half tangie and it also flowered in half the time my others are flowering. And its all 3 finger fan leafs
    Smells so good and its very VERY sticky

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